Wolverine Trophy Guide

Wolverine Trophy Guide

Wolverine Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A third-person action adventure with a few puzzle elements, based on the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The Platinum is very average both in terms of time and skill involved.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Wolverine ** 51 Raven Software U.S. 38 10 2 0 0


Based loosely on the film with the same name, X-men Origins: Wolverine is a third-person action adventure with a few minor puzzles, much in the tradition of God of War and Sword of Heaven. Following the same backstory as in the film, Wolverine signs up to become Project X, but soon rebels and shreds everyone in sight. While making his escape from the experimental complex, the story periodically moves into a flashback, where Wolverine is following Stryker's orders to investigate a fallen meteorite which landed in Africa.

Unlike most film-adapted games, Wolverine adds a little more to the story, and received fair reviews from most gaming magazines, averaging a 76% score.

Kill a certain number of enemies, use different attacks, mas out your upgrades, collect all the dog tags, and beat the game on Hard. That's about it.

Like most games based off films, X-men Origins: Wolverine is relatively fun and well done, but nothing ground-breaking. So is its difficulty in acquiring the platinum. If you follow the guides under our Links tab, you should complete 100% in around 20-25 hours.

Start by playing through on Easy - or Normal, if you wish for more of a challenge. You will need a full playthrough in order to unlock Hard mode. During this playthrough, follow one of the walkthroughs under our Links tab to recover all the dog tags, as well as locating certain treasures and secrets along the way.

After that, mop up all the remaining trophies via the chapter select. Be sure to check out the Wolverine trophy guide links under our Links page to see what you still need. By the end of this step, you should have everything except for the Walking Death trophy for completing Hard. This needs to be done last, as starting a new game will reset all your stats.

Then, simply play through on Hard and complete the game.

Here's a Walkthrough posted on IGN, which illustrates all secrets and dog tags, with images:

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Here are some cheats, such as Invincibility and Infinite Rage, posted on Cheat Code Central. Using these cheats will prevent trophies from being unlocked, unless you follow their guidelines:

Finally, here's a basic Trophy List: