Darksiders Trophy Guide

Darksiders Trophy Guide

Darksiders Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A third-person hack-and-slash action adventure involving the apocalypse. Not a particularly long game, requiring only average skills for the Platinum trophy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Darksiders ** 43 Vigil Games U.S. 26 13 3 0 0


Darksiders is a third-person, hack-and-slash, action adventure. Players engage in combat, as well as solve puzzles while exploring new locations as they become accessible during the course of the game.

Heaven and Hell have been raging war since the dawn of creation, and now the Apocalypse has finally begun. Demons and angels battle over the Earth, destroying everything in their path. Players control War, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who is attempting to interfere with the final battle in order to restore balance and save the fabric of the universe.

Darksiders received generally positive reviews, with an average score of 84%, praised for its great combat, talented voice acting, and possessing a high replay value.

Not a particularly long game, and requires only average playing skills. The majority of the trophies are either story-related or involve collectibles, as well as a few kill-related ones. Quite possible to complete and acquire the platinum in one playthrough, so long as you start on the hardest difficulty mode, which isn't too hard.

Overall, expect to put in around 25 hours of your time into this one.

If you're in a rush for that Platinum, then start your game on Apocalyptic, which is the highest difficulty setting. Otherwise, you can first enjoy playing on Normal and focus on finding all the collectibles and gathering the kill-related trophies with ease, first. However, take note that there is no New Game+, which means nothing will carry over into your next playthrough, including any collectibles you already found.

As long as you've completed everything before the final boss, you are free to backtrack to previous locations in order to mop-up anything you missed. However, there are four missable trophies: Open Air Parking, High Flier, Aerial Predator, and Who's Counting? Check out the Darksiders trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details, and make sure you collect these when the time comes. Don't be afraid of making saves along the way which you can re-track back to in case you miss them. Also, you will need to keep an eye out for the Fury's Embrace enhancement, as well.

As we mentioned, you will be able to backtrack and mop-up anything you missed, so long as it's before the final boss battle. If you're still missing some trophies when you're reaching the end of the game, make sure you make a save immediately after forging the "Ultimate Blade."

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