Band Hero Trophy Guide

Band Hero Trophy Guide

Band Hero Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A music rhythm game which includes the guitar, bass, drums, and mic controllers. While arguably easier than Rock Band 2, the Platinum still requires serious skills.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Band Hero **** 49 Neversoft U.S. 38 8 2 3 0

Band Hero

After Activision's success with the Guitar Hero series, and in competition with EA's Rock Band games, comes Band Hero: a music game in which you can play guitar, bass, drums and vocals. With 65 songs to chose from, and even more available for download, players can rock-out either alone, online, or with up to four friends.

The game received fairly decent reviews, with an average score of 79%. Band Hero features many of the same sets as Guitar Hero 5, which has been both the subject of praise and criticism. Also, the strict censoring in order to adopt a more family-friendly game has been a topic of complaint.

This rating, of course, depends on your skills with the instruments - and for some trophies, your friends' skills, as well. If you've played Rock Band 2, then you'll have some idea of what is expected for the platinum.

Also, given the age of the game, you may struggle to find online players. Boosting may be a must, in this case.

Overall, the Platinum for this game is perhaps easier than Rock Band 2, and far easier than Rock Band 3. No Bladder Of Steel required.

Like any other music game, Band Hero doesn't require much of a roadmap. Simply work your way through the game, collecting trophies along the way. If you're new to the music game scene, you may wish to start with the tutorial to collect the Welcome To Band Hero trophy.

There are four-player trophies to be obtained, such as In The Moment, A Cool Mill, There's No "I" In Band Hero, Star Powered, and Four of a Kind. Either invite some friends over, or head online and look for help. Check out the boosting forum we've posted under our Links tab.

Aside from those four, there are three trophies which can only be had online. These include M.C., Face To Face, and Till Death Do Us Part. However, both Face To Face and Till Death Do Us Part don't require anyone to connect with. As long as you have two instruments plugged in, and you're online, you can still gain these trophies.

For further tips on each individual offline trophy, check out the Band Hero trophy guide links under our Links tab.

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