Dead Space 2 Trophy Guide

Dead Space 2 Trophy Guide

Dead Space 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A third-person over-the-shoulder shooter in both a sci-fi and horror environment, and a sequel to the 2008 Dead Space. Completing the game on Harcore mode is significantly more challenging than its predecessor.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Dead Space 2 *** 51 Visceral Games U.S. 43 4 3 0 8

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is a third-person, sci-fi, survival horror shooter, and a sequel to the 2008 Dead Space. The game involves killing by dismembering alien-like creatures with various weapons onboard a space station. Dead Space 2 includes a multiplayer mode, though is unnecessary for collecting trophies.

Three years after Dead Space, Isaac Clarke awakens on a space station near Saturn, which no memory of the past three years. But the Necromorph outbreak has already begun, and Isaac must fight his way through the city in space, destroy the new Marker which has been recreated using the imprint on his mind.

Dead Space 2 received high praise, with an average score of 90% for its pleasantly terrifying setting, psychological horror, fantastic presentation, and detail to the characters.

If you thought getting through the original Dead Space on Impossible mode was a chore, well stand back for Dead Space 2. Completing this game on it's hardest difficulty mode, Hardcore, is utterly ridiculous. You're only allowed 3 saves throughout the game. Yes, that's right. If you die (and you will) expect to lose all those hours of gameplay when you respawn far back at one of the three save points.

Otherwise, much like its prequel, the other trophies are simple enough, either kill-related, story-related, or involve collectibles and upgrades. Expect at least 50 hours on this game, though it all depends on your skills in Hardcore mode. Possible to obtain the platinum in two playthroughs if you use a glitch, though due to difficulty, may require three.

The two modes you must beat for a trophy, are Zealot and Hardcore individually, because beating the game on Hardcore does NOT unlock the trophy for Zealot. So why start the game on Normal difficulty? Simply to prepare you for Zealot mode, and give you a chance to upgrade everything, which will carry over with a New Game+ (but not into Hardcore). The choice is yours, depending on how you feel about your skills and how much of a rush you are in for that Platinum.

If you choose to start on Zealot, there is a glitch at the end of Chapter 14 which allows for unlimited Power Nodes. See the Links tab for further details.

Regardless which mode you start on, you will need to follow a walkthrough in order to find all the collectibles. Also, focus on the kill-related trophies, some of which require certain kills with particular weapons. Others will come to you over time. Check out the Dead Space 2 trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details. If you don't manage to get all the kill-related trophies in one playthrough, then you'll need to start a New Game+, in which everything will carry over.

Your last trophy will probably be Hard To The Core, which involves completing the game on Hardcore mode. The difficulty is the same as Normal mode, but none of your upgrades will carry over, and you can only save the game three times. Be patient, and do your best not to die. We've included a hardcore difficulty guide under our Links tab.

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