Dead Space Trophy Guide

Dead Space Trophy Guide

Dead Space Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A third-person over-the-shoulder shooter in both a sci-fi and horror environment. Completing the game on Impossible mode can be quite challenging and even frustrating at times for average gamers.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Dead Space *** 49 Visceral Games U.S. 41 4 3 0 0

Dead Space

Dead Space is a third-person, over-the-shoulder shooter, mixing the genres of sci-fi and horror.

You play Isaac Clarke, an engineer who arrives with a small team at the USG Ishimura starship after following up on a distress call. You soon learn that the apparently abandoned starship is infested with creatures which - for the most part - can only be destroyed by hacking off their limbs. It's blood and gore at its finest.

Dead Space received high praise with an average score of 88%, for its graphics and presentation, sound effects, gameplay, and scary atmosphere.

This is a low 3-star difficulty rating. Overall, the majority of these trophies are quite easy to collect; you'll probably acquire half of them during your first play through, and most of the others on your second and halfway through your third. In fact, if that's all it took, this game would receive only 1 star! However, completing this game on Impossible mode - even with the cheats - can be quite painful! Due to that one single trophy, Epic Tier 3 Engineer, this game's difficulty was boosted up to 3 stars.

Expect roughly 25-30 hours of gameplay for the Platinum, depending on skills.

If you're not interested in a challenge, set the game on Easy and play to the end; then, when you restart the game on the same Easy setting, you'll begin with all the equipment and upgrades you left off with, allowing you to eventually get the Maxed Out trophy. After playing through the game on this same setting 2.5 times, and if you've been collecting logs and performing the mini-challenges, such as Crackshot and Z-Baller, you should have nearly all the trophies except for: One Gun, and Epic Tier 3 Engineer.

Now for the hard part!

Why is Impossible mode so challenging? Because not only do you have to be a very good, quick shot, and not only will you die and restart over and over, but you will have to be very stingy with your ammo! You may, after hours of defeat, finally make it out of the stage alive - but if you come out with just a few shots left in your weapon, you may as well restart again or face being stuck at the next part of the game. It's not impossible - just very, very, very grueling. And the glory death scene each time you die start to get old, very fast.

With that in mind, don't bother going through the game just to collect the One Gun trophy. Why? Because you can ONLY beat the Impossible mode with just the Plasma Cutter. If you spend your money on anything else except for ammo, then you'll find yourself in deep doodie!

There are a few cheats under our Links tab which can help you on Impossible mode, particularly the infinite Oxygen and infinite Stasis codes. Using these cheats will NOT interfere with acquiring any trophies - so rest assured. Using stasis on enemies is a good way to take your time and not waste any shots (3 per limb). But we recommend, during those stages where a sudden hoard of enemies are attacking at once, that you don't waste time using stasis and just keep shooting, because you won't have time. Note: These codes will only work on the controller on setting #1. While you can play the game on any of the four controller settings, for whatever reason, these cheats will NOT work on settings 2-4.

For Walkthroughs, which will be necessary in locating all the Logs, the Peng treasure, and secret stashes of ammo, as well as tips on defeating the bosses, we recommend:

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