Katamari Forever Trophy Guide

Katamari Forever Trophy Guide

Katamari Forever Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** ย An action puzzle game where players roll a ball-like object that increases in size as it collects items. The majority of the trophies are quite easy, though the Platinum requires a few playthroughs.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Katamari Forever ** 33 Namco Bandai Japan 20 6 6 1 0

Katamari Forever

Katamari Forever is an action-puzzle game, part of the Katamari series which began with Katamari Damacy on the PlayStation 2, and is the first to have trophy support on the PlayStation 3. Players control a ball-like object called a katamari which is used to roll up objects, thereby increasing the katamari in size.

The majority of the 34 stages are taken from previous games in the series, while the 3 new levels involve creating stars by rolling up junk. New features added include the "Prince Hop,' which allows the Prince controlling the katamari to hop in the air, and the "King Shock," which magnetize nearby objects to the katamari.

Katamari Forever received fairly positive reviews, with an average score of 73%, praised for its overall charm, but lacking in anything new from previous titles in the series.

While not especially difficult - the majority of the trophies are quite easy - this 2-star rating is for the time required. At least 2.8 playthroughs will be needed for the platinum, though depends on your luck, as well as a good set of guides (see our Links tab) to help find everything needed for the Completist trophy. The game does have one online trophy, though is simply for viewing the Network Ranking 5 times.

Overall, expect anywhere between 20-40 hours, depending on your collecting skills.

Essentially, you will need at least two full playthroughs. First, load up and start your game on Katamari Forever mode. Completing it will unlock Katamari Drive mode, which will be your second playthrough.

Next, you will need to play on Eternal and Classic modes, though these won't require full playthroughs. After completing all levels on all possible modes, you will unlock the Katamari Fanatic trophy. From that point on, it's a matter of mopping-up.

There are a number of trophies which you can randomly unlock during the course of the game, such as the online Rankings Lover, the two-controller required Multiplayer, Movie Fan, etc. Just check out the Katamari Forever trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details.

The other trophies will come over time, such as Enormous Katamari. Most likely, the Completist trophy will be your last, as collecting everything can take time. Again, check out some of the helpful links under our Links tab for this.

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