Little League World Series Baseball 2010 Trophy Guide

Little League World Series Baseball 2010 Trophy Guide

Little League World Series Baseball 2010 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** Β A baseball sports game and part of the Little League series which began in 2008. A few trophies can be tricky, while others a bit time consuming, though the remaining are quite easy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Little League World Series Baseball 2010 ** 43 NOW Production Japan 26 13 3 0 0

Little League World Series 2010

Little League World Series Baseball 2010 is a baseball sports game, and the third - and final - game in the Little League series which first began in 2008. While somewhat similar in gameplay to the MLB series, Little League features cartoon-like players competing with teams from both American and International regions to reach and compete in the Little League World Series. Players can also collect cars which enable certain abilities.

Little League World Series Baseball 2010 received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 61%, both praised and criticized for its simplicity, and criticized for its lack of online play.

While completing a few of the challenges can be tricky, and some other trophies might be a bit of a grind, the platinum for this game is overall more time-consuming than difficult. Two full tournament playthroughs are required, six skill challenges, but the expected quick matches for mopping-up anything remaining. Despite being a sports game, there are no online trophies to worry about.

Expect roughly 25-30 hours of gameplay for the Platinum.

Once you've created your saved game profile, we recommend starting things off with the Practice mode. Not only will this help you get a handle on the controls and gameplay, but completing all the skills in each mode will unlock seven practice-related trophies, including You're No Longer A Rookie for completing everything.

Next, you can start the meat of the game and play through the world tournament. This is something you'll need to do twice, once with an American team to unlock the US Bracket Winner trophy, and an International team for the International Bracket Winner trophy. Along the way, you will also unlock the World Series Champion trophy, and hopefully a number of others naturally during these two playthroughs.

After that, there are the Skill Challenges related trophies, which are arguably the trickiest of the bunch. If you're having any trouble, check out some of the Little League World Series Baseball 2010 trophy guide links under our Links tab for strategies on the particular skill challenge that's giving you a hard time.

Lastly, simply mop-up any other trophies you still need.