Mayhem Trophy Guide

Mayhem Trophy Guide

Mayhem Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A demolition derby style racing game and featuring 3D compatibility for any TV. Only the online trophies are difficult without a boosting partner, while the offline are fairly easy.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Mayhem 3D ** 38 Left Field Productions U.S. 18 17 2 4 0

Mayhem 3D

Mayhem 3D, also known simply as Mayhem, is a demolition derby style racing game, which features full 3D compatibility for any TV, and comes included with glasses. The visual style of the game is designed like a graphic novel, with black and white images under a red sky. The game features Race, Demolition, and Domination modes, with nine chapters in Career play, and includes up to 8 players in online multiplayer.

Mayhem 3D received wide, mixed reviews, with an average score of 64%, both praised and criticized for its presentation and design. Some critics complained the game lacked depth, while others praised its overall fun value.

The 2-star rating is mainly due to the 4 online trophies, one of which requires you to win five races in one online session. However, if you find yourself a boosting partner to take care of these trophies easily, then the difficulty rating could be brought down to a 1-star.

The majority of the offline trophies are quite easy, and can be collected in only 4-5 hours.

You can start with working through the Career mode. Your goal is to get 3 stars in each event, with 138 stars in total within 9 chapters. Most of these are fairly easy, and you shouldn't have much trouble getting all 3 stars on your first try, so long as you're careful and have the right vehicle.

Once you're finished with Career mode, you can move on to Exhibition mode. Here, aim to KO an opponent with ramming speed in Demolition mode for Speed Kills, hit 4 opponents with a single ramming speed boost for Pile Up, and use a stunned vehicle to push another into the pit for Bulldozer.

Once that's complete, it's time to move on to online. There are 4 trophies in total: Failure To Yield, Excessive Acceleration, Repeat Offender, and Hatchet Man. The last one requires you to win 5 online games in one session, which can be a bit tough on your own if your skills aren't up to par, or you simply can't find anyone online to play with for at least five sessions. However, with a boosting partner, these are quite easy to unlock. Check out the boosting forums under our Links tab if you're looking for a boosting buddy.

Finally, simply mop-up any miscellaneous trophies you still might be missing, and that's it!