Buzz! Quiz TV Trophy Guide

Buzz! Quiz TV Trophy Guide

Buzz! Quiz TV Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o Β A gameshow-like quiz game and the seventh in the Buzz! Quiz series. Due to the server closure, the seven online trophies – and therefore, the Platinum – is now Now Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Buzz! Quiz TV n/o 25 Relentless Software U.K. 6 11 7 7 0

Buzz! Quiz TV

The 7th game in a long series, though the first to appear on the PlayStation 3, Buzz! Quiz TV is a gameshow-like quiz game which pits up to 8 players against one another, or go head-to-head online. Using the "buzzers," players guess multiple-choice answers from a variety of topics, in a variety of ways. In Pass The Bomb, players must successfully answer questions to toss the lit bomb to the next contestant before it blows, much like "hot-potato." In Pie Fight, the player who answers correctly first gets to throw a pie at another contestant - two pie hits, and you're out.

Several bonus topics are available as DLC, such as the National Geographic series. Though they are not necessary in acquiring any extra trophies.

This game originally had a rating of 3-stars, due to the time consumption involved in the online trophies. However, as of August 2013, the servers were shut down on all Buzz! Quiz games, including Buzz! Quiz TV. Therefore, the game's 7 online trophies can no longer be acquired, which means the Platinum is now Not Obtainable.

As we mentioned earlier, the online servers went down in August of 2013. However, if you still wish to collect the offline trophies, here are some tips.

For the most part, you'll just be playing game after game, winning as much as possible. Remember to keep track of which characters you use - all of them are needed for the Casting Agent trophy - and play each of the channels for the Channel Hopper.

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