Carnival Island Trophy Guide

Carnival Island Trophy Guide

Carnival Island Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A party game using the PlayStation Move controller in over 35 carnival mini-games. Despite being aimed at younger players, many of the trophies are extremely challenging and even frustrating.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Carnival Island **** 36 Magic Pixel Games U.S. 17 14 4 0 0

Carnival Island

Carnival Island is a party game involving the PS Move, in which the player visits a lost and forgotten carnival, restoring its magic by participating in various games and attractions. Up to four players can compete in over 35 mini-games, such as ring-toss, frog-bog, and throw-down, while earning rewards and unlocking areas of the carnival.

Due to the unpopularity of this game, very few online sites have created reviews. Those few that did gave an average score of 64%, praised for having a few fun mini-games which most children can enjoy, but criticized for being an overall thin title.

No, this 4-star rating is not a mistake. Yes, this game is designed for younger players, and yes it is extremely difficult and frustrating to plat. Trophies require you to complete specific challenges at carnival games, and these are not easy. If you dare to go for the Platinum, prepare to do a lot of cursing and pillow-smashing, while avoiding the urge to smash your fist through your TV.

That being said, have fun!

NOTE: On top of the high difficulty level, you will also need 2 Move controllers to acquire all the trophies necessary for the Platinum.

You'll first want to start by going through Story Mode, from beginning to end, in which you'll unlock the majority of the trophies. From there, you have Party Mode to collect 5 other trophies: Any Way, My Way, Every Way, Pass It, and Side-By-Side. Check out the Carnival Island trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

The rest is mopping-up, and this is where the frustration will most certainly come in as you need to complete challenges to unlock the remaining trophies. Again, check out the guides under our Links tab for tips and strategies, and above all, be patient. Only the determined and highly skilled (as well as lucky) ones will be claiming this Platinum.

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