Dragon Age Origins Trophy Guide

Dragon Age Origins Trophy Guide

Dragon Age Origins Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A third-person RPG in a fantasy setting, involving an epic battle against the Dark Spawn. With the exception of one easily missable trophy, the Platinum is more time consuming than difficult.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Dragon Age: Origins *** 51 BioWare Canada 42 5 3 0 26

Dragon Age: Origins

In the spirit of classic Dungeons & Dragons, you select one of six characters - each with their own origin story - and are enlisted in the Grey Wardens, soldiers dedicated to battling the dark spawn. With the Blight on its way, you must stop a civil war, bring the races together, have sex with multiple men and women, and drive the dark spawn back to which they came.

In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. In death, sacrifice.

Compared with other RPGs, the time required to obtain the Platinum is roughly equal to Fallout, but no where near as time-consuming as Final Fantasy XIII. Most of the trophies are story-based, often one for each choice taken (which will require at least 2 playthroughs to get them all) as well as trophies for your character reaching certain levels and killing so many enemies. Also, the Traveler trophy is easily missable and, if missed, will require another full playthrough. With a fair amount of time, patience and dedication, this Platinum can be yours.

Expect anywhere between 70-100 hours, depending on how many playthroughs are done.

You will more likely have to play through the game at least twice - three times for most people. Each sub-main quest has a trophy for one of two choices, which means playing it through once making particular choices, then playing a second time and selecting the other option.

You will also need to "make love" with all four characters (not in the same game) in order to acquire the Hopeless Romantic trophy. Many have found Zevran and Morrigan to be easier to score with, and are not the jealous type. Tip - don't go nuts giving them tons of gifts. Instead, hold off and let the dialogue take its course for awhile, first.

Make sure, after completing Ostagar and reaching Lothering, that you complete all necessary side quests - as well as pick up two characters, Liliana and Sten - before leaving. Once you continue the main quest, you'll no longer be able to return to Lothering.

For Perfectionist, there are only 3 basic endings - your sacrifice, your friend's sacrifice, and a deal with Morigan. If you're prepared for three playthroughs (which is the least complicated, and necessary for all three "level 20" classes trophy) make sure to select a different outcome at the end, or make a save before the final fight, which you can return to.

For Master Warden and Blight-Queller, killing darkspawn DOES count across your playthroughs. Expect the "bling" three-quarters through your second game. Heavy Hitter is easy when playing as a Rogue. Upgrade your archery skills until you can acquire the "Critical Hit" (picture resembles an arrow striking a skull). Then, just fire at any weak enemy, and - "bling" - trophy!

The most difficult trophy which seems to give most people problems, is Traveler. Every time you enter a new area, make sure you explore each cave, room, dead-end, etc. until the entire map is exposed. Though it's tedious, we recommend going this during your first playthrough - that way you'll have another chance on your second, should you fail to get the trophy.

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