Dark Souls Trophy Guide

Dark Souls Trophy Guide

Dark Souls Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **** Β An action RPG and a loose sequel to 2009 Demon’s Souls. While not as difficult as its prequel, the game is still very challenging and demands a lot of grinding for the Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Dark Souls **** 41 From Software Japan 18 20 2 0 0

Dark Souls

Dark Souls is an action RPG set in an open world, and a loose sequel to Demon's Souls. Players can upgrade their characters through XP, as well as from a vast assortment of weapons and armor found throughout the areas. Dark Souls is intended to be played online, in which players can either co-op or duel one another, with rewards for the winner.

The story is deliberately minimalistic, though expanded throughout the game as the player pieces together collected lore. Taking place in the Kingdom of Lordran, the player-character is a human who possesses the Darksign - the curse of the undead, and must escape the Undead Asylum on a pilgrimage to ring the two Bells of Awakening.

Dark Souls received high praise, with an average score of 91% for its level design, online system, and having an overall fantastic sense of adventure.

While not considered as difficult and time-consuming as its prequel Demon's Souls, this game still warrants a 4-star rating mainly for its difficulty and skills involved on the higher modes, as well as the time required for grinding.

The game can go smoother if you have a co-op partner, and have done some research (check out the Links tab) but overall, expect to put in well over a hundred hours into this game.

This is not one of those games you can rush through to claim the Platinum - there's a reason why we gave it 4-stars for difficulty. You may want to read up on some of the introductory guides and strategies we've posted under the Links tab before you start.

On your first playthrough, what you'll want to do is try to get all the trophies you can since the enemies will get stronger later on. This includes acquiring all the covenants, sorceries, rings and pyromancy trophies, as well as those related to the boss battles. You'll need to study the trophy guides and walkthroughs in our Links page to find the best course of action for yourself. Also, you'll need to do some farming of enemies in order to obtain certain miracles and pyromancies, and again this is easier to do on your first playthrough.

Next, you'll need to start a New Game+, where the enemies are much stronger. This is where some serious skills come in. The good news is, you can skip ahead and only focus on finding the rare weapons that you need.

Finally, load up a New Game++ and look for the final rare weapon you need, which should be the Sif's Soul and perhaps the Titanie Slab if you missed it earlier. You'll also still need to reach Anor Londo so that you can use the soul and create the last weapon you need for your final trophy.

Overall, a very challenging and complex game which requires a fair bit of planning. but in the end, a Platinum you can be proud of.

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