Dead Island Trophy Guide

Dead Island Trophy Guide

Dead Island Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A first-person action survival horror with RPG elements where players explore an open-world infested with zombies. The Platinum is more time consuming than difficult, with online trophies that are easier to unlock through boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Dead Island *** 49 Techland Poland 36 11 1 6 10

Dead Island

Dead Island is an action survival horror game in first-person, with RPG elements. Players explore and survive on an open-world island, while attacking the infested zombies in melee combat, and upgrading their character using XP. The game also includes online co-op play.

A rapper, a hotel receptionist and Chinese government spy, a former football legend, and an ex police officer, are staying at a resort on the fictional island of Banoi when a virus breaks out, turning everyone into zombies. The four survivors appear immune to the disease, and must fight their way in search of supplies, as well as find a way off the island.

Dead Island received some mixed reviews, though mostly positive, with an average score of 78%, criticized for glitches and bugs, but praised for its overall fun factor.

This game requires more time than skill. You can earn the majority of the trophies in one long playthrough, provided that you perform a certain glitch to help boost your character to level 50 - otherwise you'll need to play the game two or three more times. Afterwards, there's a bit of mopping-up to do.

In addition, there are 6 online trophies, all related to playing a certain set of quests with a certain set of people. Having boosting partners can make these trophies easier, though is not entirely necessary.

Expect to spend between 50 to 60 hours on this game, more if you don't use the glitch to reach level 50.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 Definitive Edition have a separate list from those on the PS3.

Most of your time will be spent playing through the campaign. There are a number of kill-related trophies, as well as several miscellaneous ones such as exploring the entire island, customizing weapons, and finding collectibles. Also, if you wish to avoid multiple playthroughs, check out the School Of Hard Knocks trophy in the guides under our Links tab for how to perform a glitch that will get you to level 50.

Keep in mind that once you beat the campaign, there is no more free roaming. You can, however, continue with a chapter select, though you will lose all your weapons this way. We recommend collecting all the miscellaneous trophies before ending the campaign, just to make life easier.

Once that's completed, you will need to play Act 1 three more times, once with the other three characters.

Hopefully, all that's left are the 6 online trophies. Just start a new game, and search for other players. Check out the Dead Island trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details about these trophies, as well as a boosting forum for finding boosting partners, if need be.

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