Defiance Trophy Guide

Defiance Trophy Guide

Defiance Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A third-person sci-fi action shooter MMO with a story tied-in with the SyFy Defiance TV show. The Platinum is incredibly time consuming with both multiplayer and grinding.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Defiance *** 50 Trion Worlds U.S. 40 6 3 49 25


Defiance is a sci-fi third-person action-shooter MMO. Players can customize their characters by adding and upgrading abilities as their level improves, and customize weapons by adding modifications. In addition to the main and side missions scattered around the map, players can experience both co-op adventures or fight each other in competitive mode. The game and aspects of its story also tie-in with Syfy's Defiance TV program.

In the future, Earth has been terraformed by alien races, and ravaged by war. Now, the aliens and humans attempt to live together and rebuild civilization. Taking place in the San Francisco Bay Area, players fight against creatures that burrow up from the ground, crazed mutants, raiders, cyborgs, and a number of other enemies plaguing the land.

The game received mixed reviews, ranging between satisfactory to rather positive, with an average score of 64%. Defiance was praised for its overall fun experience, but criticized for the bugs and problems with its servers.

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This is definitely a time-consumer. There are a few multiplayer trophies, such as for getting 50 headshots, which can be tricky and require some patience. But the EGOcentric Hunter trophy needs an EGO rating of 2,500, and that will take many hours of gameplay.

Overall, not too challenging - but definitely requires about 200 hours of your time.

NOTE: When Defiance became Free To Play in June 2014, the DLC trophy list was not added to the player's profile. As a result, all DLC trophies are Not Obtainable for anyone who purchased and installed the DLC after June 2014.

Since this is an open-world MMO, there is no required roadmap and no missable trophies.

Unlike other similar games, Defiance doesn't use "classes," and so your initial character design is merely how you wish to begin things in the game. As you increase in level, you'll be unlocking more EGO boosts, and so continually modifying your character depending on how you wish to play the game.

Completing Goals, and taking part in Arkfalls, are a great way to boost your EGO. In fact, during the massive Arkfalls, you needn't stick around. Simply shoot the monster several times, then leave and continue with other missions. Once other online players have destroyed whatever beast was there, you'll earn the XP.

Goals can basically be divided between challenges (either racing or shooting) or finding either locations or data recorders. You'll need to complete each goal in a single pursuit for that pursuit to be considered finished, and you'll need to complete 20 pursuits for the Pursuit Of Excellence trophy. If you follow the maps under our Links tab, you can easily complete 20 pursuits simply by finding the locations and data recorders. Some of those shooting challenges can be pretty tricky.

Regarding the multiplayer trophies, we recommend starting with focusing on the Chasing Shadows trophy first, which requires capturing 50 points in a Shadow War. During this, you'll be also getting head-shots and killing other players along the way. Once you've got your 50 points, you can head into the competitive arenas and aim for getting 10 wins in each, all while continuing to up your head-shot and kill count. For Vehicular Manslaughter, in which you need to kill 25 players by running them over, you can only perform this either during a Shadow War or on the Freightyard map.

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