Dirt 3 Trophy Guide

DiRT 3 Trophy Guide

DiRT 3 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A rally racing game, third in the DiRT series and the second to possess trophy support on the PS3. The offline trophies are of average difficulty, though the online ones can be tough without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
DiRT 3 *** 51 Codemasters Southam U.K. 38 10 2 12 16

DiRT 3

Dirt 3 is a rally racing game, the third in the Dirt series, and the second to have trophy support on the PlayStation 3. Players race through events, earning reputation points in order to unlock new vehicles. Aside from basic racing, the gymkhana mode provides obstacle courses and the chance to earn points by performing tricks, as well as an online multiplayer mode.

Dirt 3 received high praise, with an average score of 88%, for its car design, handling, overall gameplay, and online functionality.

The offline trophies aren't too bad, but getting all the 12 online trophies can be a long, tedious pain if you aren't boosting. With a boosting partner, however, this rating could slip down to either a low 3-star or high 2-star, depending on your racing skills.

With boosting, this Platinum could take around 30 hours or so. Without, it may take you far longer as you slowly grind your way to level 35 in multiplayer.

You'll first want to start with the DiRT Tour, working your way through the seasons and winning every event. There are a number of trophies you'll naturally unlock as you progress through the tour, with a few exceptions that you'll need to target, such as Assistance Is Futile, The Real Thing, Crash Proof, and Call Me Ace.

Once that's out of the way, you can start on the DC Challenges. There are 26 in total, and you'll need a platinum medal in each of them. Again, there are a number of other trophies which you'll naturally unlock in your attempt to get the platinum medals.

Finally, just mop-up the last few remaining offline trophies, which can be done in single player mode, as well as work towards getting 100% on the Battersea Compound Missions, for the Battered Battersea trophy.

Last are the final 12 online trophies. If you're not boosting, then check out the DiRT 3 trophy guide links under our Links tab and start working towards each trophy at a time, as you slowly make your way towards the ultimate goal: reaching level 35. As we mentioned earlier, having a boosting partner can really save you time, so either start making friends online or check out the boosting forums under our Links tab.

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