DiRT 2 Trophy Guide

DiRT 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o Β An arcade style rally racing game featuring off-road events across Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America. Due to the closure of the DiRTNET servers, two of the online trophies cannot be unlocked.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
DiRT 2 n/o 48 Codemasters U.K. 36 8 3 8 0

DiRT 2

Dirt 2 (known as Colin McRae: Dirt 2 in Europe) is an arcade-style rally racing game, and a sequel to Dirt (Colin McRae: Dirt) released on the PS3 in 2007 before trophy support. The game features a set of off-road events which takes place across Asia, Europe, Africa, and North America, as well as five different event types, plus a multiplayer mode, and features the voices of professional rally drivers, such as Ken Block, Travis Pastrana, Tanner Foust, and Dave Mirra.

Dirt 2 received mostly positive reviews, with an average score of 87% for its realistic graphics and beautiful scenery, simple interface, and overall fun.

This was a fairly easy game to platinum, and would have received a 2-star rating, provided that you had a boosting partner for some of the online trophies. However, while the multiplayer is still available, Codemasters has shut down their DiRTNET servers, which are used for accessing weekly tournament information. As a result, two trophies - Tourney and I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghosts! - can no longer be acquired, making this game's Platinum Not Obtainable.

However, if you simply wish to add this game to your trophy count, the 39 offline trophies are quite easy to collect.

The Platinum for this game is Not Obtainable, due to the DiRTNET servers being closed, which means two trophies can no longer be earned. However, if you still wish to collect the remaining 45 trophies, here are some tips:

You'll first want to head into Career mode and make your way from beginning to end, winning each race. Since there's no trophy related to the difficulty mode, you can go ahead and select Easy if you wish. Along the way, avoid spending money during your first ten races, in order to unlock the Big Bucks! trophy.

Once that's done, it's simply a matter of mopping up anything you've missed during your Career mode. Check out the DiRT 2 trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details to what you need.

Last, there are the online trophies. Despite DiRTNET being closed, the multiplayer server is still open, which means there are 6 more trophies you can still collect. Some of these are tough without boosting. Particularly Rush Hour, as not only do you need to find seven other players, but you need to win against these seven other players, as well. Make friends with people you meet, and check out the forums under our Links tab, to try and organize a party and take turns allowing each player to win.

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Dirt 3 Trophy Guide

DiRT 3 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A rally racing game, third in the DiRT series and the second to possess trophy support on the PS3. The offline trophies are of average difficulty, though the online ones can be tough without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
DiRT 3 *** 51 Codemasters Southam U.K. 38 10 2 12 16

DiRT 3

Dirt 3 is a rally racing game, the third in the Dirt series, and the second to have trophy support on the PlayStation 3. Players race through events, earning reputation points in order to unlock new vehicles. Aside from basic racing, the gymkhana mode provides obstacle courses and the chance to earn points by performing tricks, as well as an online multiplayer mode.

Dirt 3 received high praise, with an average score of 88%, for its car design, handling, overall gameplay, and online functionality.

The offline trophies aren't too bad, but getting all the 12 online trophies can be a long, tedious pain if you aren't boosting. With a boosting partner, however, this rating could slip down to either a low 3-star or high 2-star, depending on your racing skills.

With boosting, this Platinum could take around 30 hours or so. Without, it may take you far longer as you slowly grind your way to level 35 in multiplayer.

You'll first want to start with the DiRT Tour, working your way through the seasons and winning every event. There are a number of trophies you'll naturally unlock as you progress through the tour, with a few exceptions that you'll need to target, such as Assistance Is Futile, The Real Thing, Crash Proof, and Call Me Ace.

Once that's out of the way, you can start on the DC Challenges. There are 26 in total, and you'll need a platinum medal in each of them. Again, there are a number of other trophies which you'll naturally unlock in your attempt to get the platinum medals.

Finally, just mop-up the last few remaining offline trophies, which can be done in single player mode, as well as work towards getting 100% on the Battersea Compound Missions, for the Battered Battersea trophy.

Last are the final 12 online trophies. If you're not boosting, then check out the DiRT 3 trophy guide links under our Links tab and start working towards each trophy at a time, as you slowly make your way towards the ultimate goal: reaching level 35. As we mentioned earlier, having a boosting partner can really save you time, so either start making friends online or check out the boosting forums under our Links tab.

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DiRT 4 Trophy Guide

DiRT 4 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** Β Not too difficult for players with average racing skills, though will take some time. Most online Trophies require only event completion.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
DiRT 4 ** 49 Codemasters U.K. 35 11 2 8 0

Dirt 4

DiRT 4 is a rally racing game, and the sixth in the DiRT series. Players compete on both tarmac and off-road tracks in Australia, Spain, the US, Sweden, and Wales, under various weather conditions. Cars can be selected from a variety of competition classes, dating from the 1980's to present. New features include the Your Stage, which procedurally generates rally stages designed by settings and parameters set by the player.

DiRT 4 received positive reviews with an average score of 86%, praised for its new Your Stage feature, variety of cars, sound effects, and lighting.

This would be a high 2-star rating for anyone lacking in racing skills, and a low 2-star for those with experience. Many of the trophies are fairly straight forward, and you'll earn a large chunk of them naturally as you play through the career. You will need to be a little better than average for the online play, though coming in first isn't necessary.

Overall, expect roughly 40-55 hours of gaming for the Platinum depending on your skills, with an additional minimum of 8 days to complete certain multiplayer events.

You will first have the option to create your racer, handling style, and difficulty level. Feel free to select the easiest setting if you wish, as you can always change it to Fearless later when going after the Be Brave trophy. For now, just race your way through the Tutorial. You will not only learn the mechanics and controls, but unlock both the Thanks For Coming and Now Watch This Drive trophies.

After that, it's time to play through the Career. Again, keep the difficulty on its easiest setting, if you prefer. Basically work your way through by completing events and unlocking licenses. During the process, you will also earn both credits and reputation points, which you can use to buy and upgrade facilities, as well as create your team and hire staff. You should naturally unlock a good chunk of the trophies naturally while going through the Career.

Next, there are four Joyride-related trophies. You'll eventually need to achieve 10 gold medals to unlock the Always Believe trophy, which in turn will also give you the Chapter And Verse trophy. You'll then need a gold medal in a Time Attack challenge without hitting a penalty marker for the Precisely trophy, and destroy 100 blocks in 60 seconds for the Kenneth? What's The Frequency? trophy. Check out the videos and DiRT 4 trophy guide links under our Links tab if you're having trouble with these.

Basically after this, the rest is all mopping-up. This includes the Community events, where you'll need to complete a monthly event, a weekly event, and an event on a sunny day for the Taps Aff trophy. Do your best to avoid getting a DNF in these community events, as you will have to wait for the next weekly/monthly event to try again. Other than that, check out the DiRT 4 trophy guide links to see what other offline trophies you still need, and their requirements.

At any time, you can hop into Multiplayer where you will need to get promoted to a new Tier in Pro Tour for the Up And Up trophy, complete 25 events in Pro Tour for the Sweaty trophy, and complete an event in Jam Session. Only the Up And Up trophy requires you to play relatively well in order to gain positive points to get your promotion.

Happy racing!

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