Catherine Trophy Guide

Catherine Trophy Guide

Catherine Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A psychological horror puzzle platformer, divided between a story during the day and puzzle solving at night during a dream sequence. The Platinum is both incredibly challenging as well as time consuming, demanding an expert skills level.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Catherine **** 50 Atlus Persona Team Japan 40 6 3 0 0


Catherine was first released in Japan at the beginning of 2011, and exported overseas about half a year later. It's a unique game in itself, and has been described as a psychological horror adventure puzzle-platformer with "adult oriented" themes.

The game is divided into two parts - during the day, while you're playing as Vincent Brooks and moving through the story portion, and at night when he's climbing a tower of blocks in a puzzle-style game during his nightmares. Vincent enjoys hanging out with his friends at the bar, and remains indifferent about marrying his girlfriend, Catherine. Meanwhile, rumors are spreading that people in town have been found dead in their sleep. Soon after, Vincent meets a woman named Katherine, and wakes up beside her the next morning - and since then, the nightmares start. Will he manage to hide his lies to his girlfriend? Get seduced by the succubus Katherine? Or die in his sleep? That all depends on your gameplay.

Overall, Catherine received high reviews, with an average score of 82%. While winning countless awards from Famitsu and other gaming magazines, the main complaint was Catherine's difficulty, which later received a patch to make things a little easier.

While some games receive high difficulty ratings due to the skills required, others may be because of the time required, or some trophies are simply a pain in the butt. With Catherine, the case is all three.

You will need to play the game on multiple playthroughs, different difficulty modes, solving challenging puzzles, and more. Yes, some of these puzzles you can look up on Youtube and follow what people are doing, but others - like Babel mode - is randomized, which means you're on your own.

Perhaps the "quickest" way to get that Platinum, is to begin playing through the Golden Playhouse. We recommend setting things on Normal difficulty, as it will warm you up ready for Difficult. The Golden Playhouse includes the story of the game, and nine days of nightmare stages. There are a number of missable trophies which you should watch out for - check out the Catherine trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details. Also, you'll want to stay as close to neutral as possible until Day 5, which you can later use as a reload point.

At Day 5, make a save, then start heading towards either an all-neutral, chaos, or law karma route. This will save you some time restarting from Day 5, rather than replaying the entire game. Also, you'll want to make additional saves on Day 9, which you can reload in order to make different decisions and view all the endings.

By now, you should have a good majority of trophies. At this point, reload any of your past saves to mop up any missing trophies. Again, check out the Catherine trophy guide links under our Links tab if you need extra help.

Then, you can start replaying the Golden Playhouse on Hard difficulty to earn Gold Prizes for The Golden Child trophy. After, you can work on the Rapunzel arcade located in the bar. The reason why you should wait for this one, is that you'll receive unlimited continues after having cleared the Golden Playhouse.

Last, is completing all four Babel stages - and this is where things can get frustrating. If you've got a friend, playing 2-player co-op can help. Again, check out the guides and walkthroughs under our Links tab for tips and strategies. Afterwards, you should obtain the final four trophies, plus the Platinum.

Good luck!

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