Dragon’s Crown Trophy Guide

Dragon's Crown Trophy Guide

Dragon’s Crown Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A 2D fantasy action RPG inspired by the classic Golden Axe series. The Platinum isn’t particularly difficult but time consuming, requiring eight full playthroughs.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Dragon’s Crown *** 49 Vanillaware Japan 38 7 3 0 0

Dragon’s Crown

Dragon's Crown is a 2-D fantasy action RPG, similar in style to such classic games as Golden Axe. It is a loose sequel to the Sega Saturn title Princess Crown, and was originally planned for release on the Sega Dreamcast, but held off and eventually found its way onto the PlayStation 3 and Vita.

Players chose between six different characters - Fighter, Dwarf, Amazon, Elf, Wizard, or Sorceress - and fulfill quests by exploring the vast catacombs beneath the city, while attempting to stop the evil magic-users from finding the legendary "Dragon's Crown." The game also allows an online mode in which up to four players assist each other in the quests.

Dragon's Crown received generally high praise, with an average score of 87% for its visual quality, uniqueness, and ability to revitalize the classic side-scrolling genre.

This 3-star rating is mainly due to the amount of time required. Dragon's Crown is not particularly difficult, as by default you will become a master at the game after putting in so many hours. You will need a minimum of 8 full playthroughs, one of which spent grinding to reach a character's level to 99.

Overall, expect anywhere between 80 to 120 hours on this puppy.

You will automatically start the game on Normal difficulty. Select a character of your choosing, and work your way through the game. You will be earning trophies for completing certain quests along the way, as well as other random challenges which you can check the trophy guides in our Links page for further details - though since you'll be playing this game 8 times, there's no rush. The only trophy to watch out for is Vanquisher - defeating the Ancient Dragon within 2 minutes. When you're ready to take this beast on, it's a good idea to make a separate save, which you can easily reload if you fail to slay the dragon within the time frame.

Once you've beaten the game on Normal, you can continue with your character on Hard mode, then again on Infernal mode. Use the same "second save" technique for both the Conqueror and The Destroyer trophies. Also, on Infernal mode, you'll have unlocked the level cap to 99, which you must grind towards in order to obtain the Paragon trophy.

Once all that's out of the way, you only need to replay the game 5 more times, each for the five remaining characters.

On a side note, despite having online capabilities, there are no online trophies. However, if you have a friend to play with, it's almost always a preferred alternative to using NPCs, who are not the brightest AI.

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