Eye of Judgement Trophy Guide

Eye of Judgement Trophy Guide

Eye of Judgement Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A turn-base card game which uses real cards and the PlayStation Eye camera that brings the characters to life through AR. A particularly challenging Platinum, especially if only using the starter set cards.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Eye of Judgement *** 39 SCE Japan Studio Japan 16 21 1 0 0

Eye of Judgement

The Eye of Judgement is a turn-based card game, and has the honor of being the first PlayStation 3 game to make use of the Eye. The camera is fixed over a mat with nine squares, or "fields." Players must conquer and control each field by placing a card which can either summon a creature or spell. Whoever takes control of five fields is the winner.

The game scored an average rating of 84% for its overall fun and challenge, and use of AR technology, which was quite new at the time.

Perhaps one of the more expensive Platinums, as you'll need the PlayStation Eye and several card sets. It's impossible to collect the more difficult trophies with just the starter set, so be prepared to dish out more cash.

Also, the game itself can be quite challenging - hence the 3-star rating. Follow the tips and strategies under our Links tab to help ease the burden on this one.

This game is quite different than anything else on the PlayStation 3, and the trophies cannot be cheated or boosted. Simply put, you need to play the game from start to finish in order to collect all the trophies. Luckily, they are all offline.

First you'll need to unlock all the pre-constructed decks, which basically make up all the bronze trophies in the game. Once those have been completed, you'll be able to play the challenge sets. Afterwards, it's just a matter of getting the Devine Warrior of Juno trophy, which requires 100 wins against the computer.

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