F1 2011 Trophy Guide

F1 2011 Trophy Guide

F1 2011 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A simulation racing game based on the 2011 season of the Formula One World Championship. While easier than its predecessor, the World Championship on Hard can be tricky, as well as the online trophies without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
F1 2011 *** 39 Codemasters Birmingham U.K. 26 11 4 5 0

F1 2011

F1 2011 is a simulation racing game based on the 2011 season of the Formula One world championship, and a sequel to F1 2010 released last year, also available on the PlayStation 3. Players can upgrade their vehicles, engage in offline career mode, time trials, or go head-to-head online with up to 16 players, as well as 8 AI cars, and a split-screen feature for co-operative play. The game includes all 12 teams and 24 drivers which began in the 2011 season.

F1 2011 received positive reviews, with an average score of 84%, praised for its weather effects and car models, as well as its overall satisfying experience.

Certainly far easier and less time consuming than its predecessor. Also, if you have some experience with the F1 series, and/or have a boosting partner for the 5 online trophies, than this difficulty rating could be brought down to a 2-star. Winning the World Championship on Hard can be tricky for those with only moderate skills, and getting 35 online wins, even with a boosting partner, can be quite grinding (though is still easier than the 50 wins required on F1 2010). Otherwise, the majority of the trophies aren't too difficulty.

Expect to put in around 25 to 30 hours into this game, depending on your skills and whether or not you have a boosting partner.

If you have experience playing the F1 series and are confident in your skills, then we recommend setting the game on Hard mode and playing through the first season and winning the championships.

If you're new to the F1 series, then you may want to start on Normal and make your way through Season 1, winning each race and the two championships, so that you can enter one of the three big teams. Then, now that you've built up some experience and a better handle on the controls, you can start your second Season on Hard. Following this, you can mop-up any related trophies you've missed up to this point. Check out the F1 2011 trophy guide links under our Links tab for specific details. This way, you needn't bother with the other seasons.

Next, you'll need to complete the 6 time attack scenarios, to nab the Completionist trophy. After, you can get on Grand Prix and collect any trophies you may have missed on Career mode, plus the remaining offline trophies.

Last, are the 5 remaining online trophies. There are three trophies related to co-op mode, in which you need to complete two seasons and win both the Driver's Championship and Constructor's Championship. Afterwards, there are the competitive trophies. If you have a boosting partner, you can set up a private match with no AI cars getting in the way, which will make getting those 35 online wins a piece of cake.

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