DJ Hero 2 Trophy Guide

DJ Hero 2 Trophy Guide

DJ Hero 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A music rhythm game and sequel to the 2009 DJ Hero which uses a turntable controller. The Platinum is relatively easier than the previous installment, but still demands some serious skills.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
DJ Hero 2 **** 50 FreeStyleGames U.K. 42 5 2 13 0

DJ Hero 2

DJ Hero 2 is a music video game and a sequel to the 2009 DJ Hero, which in turn is a spin-off of the Guitar Hero series. Using a turntable, players earn points by accenting beats, adjusting crossfades between songs, and scratching the turntable in time to marks indicated on the screen. The game includes 83 mixes on disc comprising over 100 different songs from 85 different artists, mainly in the hip-hop genre but with additional pop, dance and electronica.

DJ Hero 2 received positive reviews, with an average score of 87%. It is considered a significant improvement in gameplay and presentation to its prequel, as well as praised for the new freestyle feature.

Still not an easy Platinum by any means, but DJ Hero 2 is considered slightly easier in gameplay than the original, requiring less precision with taps and crossfades, making to get five stars on Expert a little easier.

There are, however, 13 online trophies to worry about, one of which is missable. These are extremely difficult to unlock without a boosting partner.

Overall, depending on your skills, you can expect 80-100 hours of gameplay.

NOTE: You will need 2 DJ Hero Turntables, and a microphone for the Platinum.

To begin, there are a few trophies you can earn by calibrating your system, watching the credits, and going through the tutorial.

Once that's finished, you can embark on the main part of the game - Empire Mode. Here is where you will earn the majority of the trophies, with many of them unlocking naturally through your progression.

After that, you can start mopping-up the remaining offline trophies you missed. This may include getting five stars for every song on Expert for the You're The Best trophy, as well as The Magic Number trophy which requires two turntables and a headset.

Last, are the online trophies, which are a long grind. It should be noted that The Bigger They Are trophy is missable, as you're required to beat 10 people who are a higher rank than you. If you're already at rank 50 and you haven't gotten this trophy, then you missed it. Having a boosting partner will help tremendously with these trophies.

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