Nier Trophy Guide

Nier Trophy Guide

Nier Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A third-person action RPG and a spin-off from the Drakengard series, taking place on an Earth falling into decay. The Platinum is more time consuming than difficult, with a lot of grinding required.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Nier *** 42 Cavia Japan 20 19 2 0 0


Nier is an action RPG and a spin-off from the Drakengard series, set 1,000 years after the fifth ending of the first game released on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. Taking place on an Earth falling into decay, players control in third-person the main character Nier, battling enemies with either a variety of weapons or by casting spells, while gaining experience points to improve the player character.

After his daughter falls victim to an illness known as the Black Scrawl, Nier is joined with a talking book named Grimoire Weiss, as well as two characters Kaine and Emil, on a journey in search of a remedy to cure his daughter.

Nier received mixed reviews, with an average score of 69%, praised for its voice acting, music and interesting plot, but criticized mainly for its visuals.

As you can expect from an action RPG-like game, Nier is not particularly difficult. The 3-star rating is for the grinding and many hours you'll need to put into the game for unlocking the Platinum. At least one full playthrough is required, though most likely two, as well as replaying "half" the game several times.

Expect roughly 70-90 hours of play-time for this Platinum.

The game is divided into two sections, so ideally you'll want to play through the first section once and collect all the missable trophies, then keep repeating the second half until you've unlocked everything else.

As you play through the first section, make sure to kill 100 sheep for The Sheep Whisperer trophy, as there aren't any sheep in the second section. Also, there are 34 quests available in the first section, of which you need to complete 30 throughout the game for the Go-To Guy trophy. Also, complete the first five fisherman gambits, and buy all three weapons from the blacksmiths. Finally, make sure to collect six giant eggs, four eagle eggs, and fifteen black pears in Seafront. This should all be completed before entering the second section. The point of no return is when you get the quest to collect Vapor Moss from Popola.

As you play through the second section, you can use this opportunity to focus on grinding longer trophies, such as obtaining 1 million gold, as well as collecting and upgrading all the weapons, while also attempting to unlock some of the boss-timing trophies.

Next,load up a New Game+ at the beginning of the second section. All your weapons and experience will carry over. The main purpose is to unlock the second ending after completing the game, but this is also your chance to get any boss-timing trophies you missed, or further grinding required.

Then, load up a New Game ++ from the second section again, in order to get the third ending. Hopefully, you already have all the other trophies unlocked. If not, then try to make this your last chance so as to avoid another, unnecessary playthrough.

Finally, with everything completed, you should only have the Lightspeed Fighter trophy for completing the game in fifteen hours. This should be easy enough, and fifteen hours is plenty of time to make your speed run.

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