Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Trophy Guide

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Trophy Guide

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A military tactical first-person shooter and a sequel to the 2001 Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. Due to the online servers being closed in 2013, the online trophy can only be unlocked via two PS3 systems connected via LAN mode.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising *** 37 Codemasters U.K. 14 19 3 1 0

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a military tactical first-person shooter, and a sequel to the 2001 Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis despite being developed by Codemasters rather than Bohemia Interactive. The game features over 50 different land, air, and sea vehicles, over 70 weapon types, with a large variety of facial features on characters, and realistic equipment carrying that visibly shows everything the player-character has in their possession. The game also includes both online competitive mode and storyline co-op mode with up to four players.

Taking place on the fictional island of Skira in May 2001 where both the People's Liberation Army and Russian Federation have fallen into conflict over its control. Bound by treaty arrangements made following the Cold War, the United States engages to help Russia retake the island.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising received mainly positive reviews with an average score of 75%, praised for its intense action and excitement, though criticized by some for its issues with AI intelligence, bugs, and feeling overall unpolished.

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is a game that requires some decent tactical FPS skills. At least one playthrough on Hardcore mode is required, and this is no cakewalk. Otherwise, most of the trophies can be unlocked through the game's Mission Select, so there's nothing missable.

Expect roughly 20-30 hours of gameplay for the platinum, depending on your skills.

NOTE: The online servers were closed in early 2013. However, the single online trophy, All Patched Up, can still be unlocked with two PS3 units connected via LAN mode and two copies of the game.

If you're in a mad rush for that platinum, and you feel confident enough with your tactical FPS skills, then start things off by playing and finishing the game on Hardcore mode. Be warned however, that this is no cakewalk. If you're not up to the immediate challenge, we suggest starting on Normal, then doing a second playthrough on Hardcore. It may take more time, but will save you on frustration.

Once you've eventually completed your playthrough on Hardcore mode, it's time to mop-up the remaining offline trophies. Simply check out the Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you're still missing and their requirements, then use the Mission Select to jump to wherever you need to go.

There is only one online trophy, which is All Patched Up, for field dressing an injured partner in co-op. Unfortunately, the online servers were closed in early 2013. This trophy is still unlockable, however will require you to connect two PlayStation 3 units via an Ethernet cable with LAN mode selected, and of course with two copies of the game available.

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