F1 2010 Trophy Guide

F1 2010 Trophy Guide

F1 2010 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A simulation racing game based on the 2010 season of the Formula One World Championship. The game possesses a steep learning curve, while the Platinum requires a lot of time, and challenging online trophies if not boosted.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
F1 2010 **** 50 Codemasters Birmingham U.K. 41 5 3 5 0

F1 2010

F1 2010 is a simulation racing game based on the 2010 season of the Formula One world championship, and a sequel to F1 2009 which was not released for the PlayStation 3. Players can upgrade their vehicles, engage in offline career mode, time trials, or go head-to-head online. There are 19 tracks available, each featuring different 'weather conditions' that affect the control of the car.

The game received fairly positive reviews, with an average score of 83% for its attention to detail and weather system, and won the Best Sports Game category at the BAFTA Video Game Awards.

This game will take up a lot of your time, simply because of its difficulty factor. The controls are designed to make this game more of a simulation of F1 races rather than an arcade, and will take much trial and error until you finally get the hang of it. Even then, attempting to play on Elite mode or with ABS off will feel like grinding as you consistently lose over and over.

The game also includes 5 online trophies, one of which requires you to win 50 online battles. However, even with a boosting partner, this game's 4-star rating doesn't change much. You probably stand a better chance at winning online with other people than you do against the NPCs offline.

Overall, expect to spend over a hundred hours on this game. Perhaps two-hundred if you're new to simulated racing games.

While there's no real road-map required for this game, most of the trophies will be earned while playing through Career Mode. Make sure you select 7 seasons, and set the AI's speed to its lowest setting. Aim to get as many Pole Positions as you can along the way, until you've unlocked the Schuperb trophy. Also, at a certain point in your first season, you'll receive an offer for a new contract; make sure you win the next race before accepting it, for the Attracting Attention trophy. Otherwise, for the most part, many of the trophies will come to you as you progress through the seasons. But check out the F1 2010 trophy guide links under our Links tab for further details.

There is also the I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost trophy, which is specifically related to the Time Trial. Both Time Trial and Grand Prix are a nice way to mop-up any trophies you may have missed during your seven seasons through Career Mode.

Then, there are the five online trophies to worry about. Hopefully after getting through the offline trophies, your skills should be good enough to win a number of races in multiplayer. But if you're still having trouble, we've included some forums under our Links tab where you can find a boosting partner.

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