Resonance of Fate Trophy Guide

Resonance of Fate Trophy Guide

Resonance of Fate Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A J-RPG in a steampunk setting which combines real-time and turn-based controls in its combat system. The game possesses a steep learning curve, while the Platinum requires a lot of time.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Resonance of Fate *** 49 tri-Ace Japan 40 5 3 0 0

Resonance of Fate

Resonance of Fate is a J-RPG in a steampunk setting, which utilizes the "tri-Attack Battle system," a combination of real-time and turn-based controls in a fast-paced, strategic combat system between three playable characters and their different types of weapons. The game takes place on a future Earth, where humanity is an endangered species forced to live in a city near an air purification module known as the Zenith, due to the hazardous environmental changes outside.

Vashyron, Zephyr, and Leanne are hunters who embark on odd jobs around the city. But things get complicated when they encounter situations where people's fates are strangely deviating from the predetermined path set by the Zenith system.

Resonance of Fate received mainly positive reviews with an average score of 78%, praised for its innovative combat battle system, customizable weapons, and cinematography, though criticized by some for its lack of epic feel to the story.

Resonance of Fate is a J-RPG with a complex battle system. The 3-star difficulty is mainly due to the minimum of two playthroughs - and therefore the many hours - required for the platinum, as well as the game's sharp learning curve. Be prepared to die a lot in the beginning until you've gained a handle on the necessary battle strategies.

Overall, expect roughly 80-100 hours on this one for the Platinum.

Due to the Lap Two Complete trophy, the game will require two full playthroughs. We recommend completing just about everything during your first playthrough - unlocking all the missable trophies - so that your second playthrough can be a simply, 6-7 hour speed-run.

During your first playthrough, you'll want to complete all 90 missions throughout the game, which includes both the main story line missions as well as the side missions per chapter, which range between 2-6. Once that particular chapter is complete, you won't be able to go back and do the side missions, so be sure to complete them before moving on. Completing all 90 missions will unlock The Legendary Hunter trophy.

While many of the other trophies are either story-based or combat-based and therefore will naturally unlock during your progress, you'll want to pay special attention to the following: Basel's Liberator and King Of Neverland, Stardust Hunter, Challenge Conqueror, and Disrespect Your Elders. These are missable, so check out their requirements in the Resonance of Fate trophy guide links under our Links tab and strategise wisely.

Once your first playthrough is complete and you've hopefully unlocked nearly all the trophies, it's time to start your second. Select New Game+ which, if you're playing on the same difficulty level (recommended if you're in a rush for the Platinum) then you'll retain all your equipment and experience. You'll unlock the A New Beginning trophy for starting the new game, then the Lap Two Complete trophy for completing it.

If you happen to still be missing some trophies at this point, then now's the time to mop-up. Otherwise, congratulations!