Star Wars Battlefront II Trophy Guide

Star Wars Battlefront II Trophy Guide

Star Wars Battlefront II Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A first-third person action shooter based on the Star Wars franchise. While the offline trophies are easier than those in the previous installment, the online are just as challenging and time consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Star Wars Battlefront II *** 41 EA DICE Sweden 23 15 2 21 3

Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II is a first/third person shooter taking place in the Star Wars Universe, and the fourth major release in the Battlefront series which began on the PC and sixth-generation consoles in 2004. Players are placed in either a team of Rebels or Imperials, in a variety of game modes such as team-deathmatch, defending control points, and a form of capture-the-flag, in a variety of environments based on settings from the Star Wars films. The game includes both a story-driven campaign, as well as online multiplayer.

Taking place between the events of the films Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Commander Iden Versio who leads the Imperial Special Forces seeks out to avenge the Emperor following his death after the destruction of the Death Star. Though she and her comrades may find themselves on a path they hadn't expected.

Star Wars Battlefront II received widely mixed reviews with an average score of 68%, praised for its beautiful environments and graphics and multiplayer mode, though criticized for its weakened campaign story. The game was also heavily criticized for its initial micro-transactions surrounding loot boxes and unlocking heroes.

While the offline trophies are significantly easier than those on the previous installment, Star Wars Battlefront II is still just as time consuming, as you spend your time online and grind your way to Rank 50. The online trophies are arguably as challenging as those on the first game.

Expect anywhere between 60-100 hours, depending on your skills and some luck.

If you wish to get used to the game and controls, then a good place to start is the Campaign. This can be played on the easiest setting, if you like. Here, you'll earn a number of story-related trophies. In addition, there are a few simple trophies that can be unlocked at various points in the Campaign, such as using the droid to shock three enemies at once for the Dark Forces trophy, or eliminating five enemies using the barrage for the Balance Point trophy. These can either be obtained during your playthrough, or through a chapter select following the campaign. Check out the Star Wars Battlefront II trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details.

Following this, you can then complete the continued campaign through the Resurrection DLC, which is a free add-on to the story and includes three additional story-related trophies. Although these aren't necessary for the Platinum.

After, you can head into Arcade mode to mop-up the remaining offline trophies. Arcade is similar to the online multiplayer mode, only with bots. Here, you can unlock There Is No Such Thing As Luck simply for playing a game, and the Complete Your Training trophy for having played all the Battle Scenarios, which are 8 on the Light Side and 8 on the Dark Side.

Last, it's time to head into multiplayer and unlock the rest of the trophies. Your ultimate goal is to reach Rank 50 to obtain The Force Is Strong With This One trophy, which will take many, many hours of playing. Along this path, you'll want to focus on getting the miscellaneous trophies. These include winning each of the five online modes, getting kills with special weapons unique to the different playable classes, and others. Again, check out the Star Wars Battlefront II trophy guide links under our Links page to see what you need and their requirements.

May the Force be with you.

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