Arcade Game Series Dig Dug Trophy Guide

Arcade Game Series Dig Dug Trophy Guide

Arcade Game Series Dig Dug Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *  A 2D action platformer and a revamp of the original 1982 arcade classic. The Platinum doesn’t require much time, but some good skills and help from a save exploit.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug * 21 Namco Bandai Japan 6 5 9 0 0

Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug

Arcade Game Series: Dig Dug is a revamp of the classic 1982 Dig Dug arcade game by Namco Bandai. The object of the game is to eliminate underground monsters by either dropping rocks on them, or inflating them to explosion through use of an air pump. The player-character Dig Dug is killed if caught by one of the monsters, crushed by a rock, or burned burned by the fire of a green dragon. If the player drops two rocks, a bonus item will appear which awards extra points when collected.

The original 1982 Dig Dug was a commercial and critical success in its time, spawning a number of sequels and re-releases on various consoles and computers.

While frustrating at times, the Platinum is overall quite doable in a short amount of time - provided that you're making use of a save exploit. Naturally, both the game and its Platinum will be easier for those with prior experience with the original Dig Dug.

Expect roughly 3-5 hours provided that you're using the save exploit, and depending on your skills.

Before beginning, it would be incredibly beneficial to learn of the Save Exploit which will make your hunt for the Platinum trophy much easier. At any point in the game, you can Save & Quit, which will then return you to the Menu screen. From here, close the game and backup your save either to the PS+ Cloud or on a USB HD. This way, you can simply reload your save when you need to try again at whatever trophy you are working on, such as the Centurion trophy.

Also, it's worth noting that once the game has started, you can hit the Options button to enter the Menu, where you can up the starting number of lives to 5, as well as changing the amount of points required for an extra live, as well as a level select.

For the most part, you can go for whatever trophies in whichever order you choose, though we recommend going for the easier ones first, in order to help get acquainted or re-acquainted with the game. These include passing the first two rounds for both Round 1 Cleared and Round 2 Cleared trophies, passing through an inflated enemy for the Just Passing Through trophy, defeating an enemy on the surface for the Surface Assassin trophy, clearing a round without digging for the Clean Harpoon trophy, and digging out whole levels for both the Dig and Rambler trophies.

Once you feel you're getting the hang of the game, it's time to go after those collectible related trophies, to which there are 9 in total. Many of these bonus items will drop on certain levels, so check out the Arcade Game Series Dig Dug trophy guide links under our Links tab to see which ones you need and when they'll appear. Also, to save time, you can go for the Centurion trophy which involves defeating 100 enemies on one playthrough. Be sure to use the save exploit to make this easier on yourself.

Finally, simply mop up any remaining trophies you need for the Platinum. Again, check out the Arcade Game Series Dig Dug trophy guide links under our Links tab to see their requirements.

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