Hasbro Family Game Night Trophy Guide

Hasbro Family Game Night Trophy Guide

Hasbro Family Night Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o Β A revamp of the PS2 title, which includes six classic board games such as Boggle and Connect Four. Since the servers were closed in early 2012, the single online trophy – and therefore, the Platinum – is now Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Hasbro Family Game Night n/o 30 EA Bright Light U.S. 12 11 6 1 0

Hasbro Family Game Night

First released on the PlayStation 2 in November 2008, Hasbro Family Game Night was revamped with HD quality, included an extra game, and trophy support - with a platinum - for download on the PlayStation Network.

The game includes six classic board games: Battleship, Boggle, Connect Four, Sorry!, Sorry! Sliders, and Yahtzee. The North American version also contains Scrabble.

With few reviews, the average rating for Hasbro Family Game Night was 70%, many stating that it was a satisfactory video game inspired by board games, with Yatzee and Connect Four being the most entertaining, and Battleship a little on the ho-hum side.

As of early 2012, EA has ceased their servers for this game. There is only one online trophy - Get Connected - which requires you to play at least one game online. Now that the servers are gone, so too is the chance of obtaining this one, single trophy, making the Platinum Not Obtainable.

Otherwise, if you simply want to boost your trophy count, the offline trophies are extremely easy, and shouldn't take you more than 12 hours to complete. Hasbro Family Game Night would have received a 1-star rating, if not for the servers being taken down. Too bad.

Out of convenience, it's best to start one game and stick with it, until you've acquired all their trophies before moving onto the next. Once you've gone through them all, just mop up the few you may still need, such as Changing Rooms. The three hours of game play for the Professional Player trophies is not in one sitting, but a total.

As of early 2012, EA tok down their servers for this game, which means the Get Connected trophy is Not Obtainable. We've kept a forum under our Links tab, which had been previously used for finding a boosting buddy, which you may still use to vent your frustrations at not getting that Platinum, if you wish.

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