Street Fighter IV Trophy Guide

Street Fighter IV Trophy Guide

Street Fighter IV Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *****  A 2D fighting game and part of the Street Fighter series that began in the arcade in 1987. Even with boosting, the Platinum is still challenging and incredibly time consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Street Fighter IV ***** 48 Capcom / Dimps Japan 35 10 2 20 0

Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter is perhaps one of the most popular and successful fighting games in the world, both on arcade and multiple consoles, dating as far back as 1987. The games have spawned several versions to each series (the reason why, after 25 years, the PS3's title is only IV) and even several films.

Street Fighter IV includes all the familiar characters, as well as 4 new ones and 2 secret characters, making a grand total of 25 possible player characters.

The game received exceptionally high ratings, with an average score of 96% for its great graphics, smooth gameplay, and a well-balance of the familiar with the new.

Street Fighter IV is as long and difficult as a fighting came can get. Even the professionals will be playing until they've grown a white beard before gaining the Platinum. Unlocking all the icons and titles should be a platinum in itself - and those are only worth two trophies!

Boosting will certainly make the online trophies easier, which would bring this difficulty rating down to 4-stars. But while winning 10 ranked matches in a row may seem daunting, this is far easier and less time consuming than the trials or individual online challenges just to collect icons and titles.

Expect to be playing this game for a long time.

We recommend starting with the Arcade Mode, getting familiar with the characters while unlocking others. Some of these characters can only be unlocked by successfully beating the Arcade mode with a specific character. To find this out, check out the Street Fighter IV trophy guide links under our Links tab.

Once all that's finished, and your skills are improving, you can start on the Challenge Mode. There are 100 challenges in total, and simply clearing them grants you the Challenge Expert trophy. But if you're gunning for the Platinum, you'll need The Gold Standard trophy, which means getting gold medals for all 100 challenges. This is one of the more difficult trophies in the game - some of these challenges are not easy!

Finally, once you've gotten all the offline trophies, it's time to get online and kick some butt. There are several trophies here which you can boost, so check out the boosting forums we've posted under our Links tab. But Playing To Win! means winning 10 ranked matches in a row. It is possible to boost this, though you will need to consistently "find" your partner under ranked matches, play and win, then repeat the search. Given the game's age, and considering there's a new version out there, not as many people are playing online, which means finding your boosting partner for a ranked match isn't too difficult.

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