PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2018

PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2018

Spring is in the air (in some countries, anyway) and so too, is the next announced line-up for PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2018, with loads of Platinum trophies to keep us trophy hunters busy. These titles will be available on Tuesday, February 6.

On the PlayStation 4, there’s Knack, a platforming action-adventure and one of the original launch titles on the PS4, where players control a golem-like creature that can grow in size through the power of ancient relics, in order to combat the invading goblin army. And RiME, a puzzle adventure where a young boy finds himself washed-up on the shores of a mysterious island ripe for exploration.

For the PlayStation 3, there’s Mugen Souls Z, a J-RPG with anime “hentai” qualities, and part of the Mugen Souls series. And Spelunker HD, the classic 80’s title brought back in HD with its platforming fun and one-hit death challenges as you explore caves in search of treasure.

Finally, on the PlayStation Vita, we have Exiles End, a side-scrolling action adventure involving a mercenary sent down to a remote mining planet in search of a missing descendant to a vast corporation. And Grand Kingdom, an RPG where a troop of mercenaries have gotten involved in a great war with whichever nation pays the most handsomely. Grand Kingdom is also a cross-plat with the PS4.

With the exception of Exiles End, ALL PlayStation Plus Free Games February 2018 have Platinum trophies to unlock. Among them, RiME is by far the easiest and only requires 6-10 hours, depending on whether or not you follow a walkthrough. Also, while Spelunker HD requires more patience and memorization than skill, its Platinum can be earned in 18-20 hours. Also, unlocking 100& of the trophies on Exiles End is not particularly challenging and only needs about 8-10 hours of gameplay.