NHL 12 Trophy Guide

NHL 12 Trophy Guide

NHL 12 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A hockey game and the 21st title in the NHL series. The offline trophies are time-consuming, while the online are extremely challenging without boosting.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
NHL 12 **** 46 EA Canada Canada 29 14 2 21 0

NHL 12

NHL 12 is a hockey video game under license from the National Hockey League, and is the 21st title in the NHL series published under EA Sports. New features include more interactive goalies, an improved physics engine, an improved Be A Pro mode, and the ability to play the 2011 NHL Winter Classics. The game also includes commentary by Gary Thorne and Bill Clement, as well as online multiplayer.

NHL 12 received positive reviews with an average score of 87%, praised for its improved gameplay, AI, and physics engine.

The offline trophies are of average difficulty, but extremely time consuming and will require a lot of grinding. On top of which, there are 21 online trophies, many of which require some serious skills and luck if you're doing them legitimately. If you have a boosting partner, then the difficulty level could be brought down to a 3-star, though will still require many hours of gameplay.

Expect over 160 hours depending on your skills, and far more if you're not boosting the online trophies.

When you first begin, you'll find yourself in the Winter Classic game between the Penguins and Capitols. Play as the Penguins up to the end, and you'll earn your first trophy, Winter Classics.

After that, you can start working on the Hockey Ultimate Team related trophies, of which there are eight. Select HUT from the main menu and create your team. Then, win a match against a team downloaded from the HUT servers, and you'll unlock the EAUHL 24/7 Victory trophy. Then work on collecting all the player, jersey, and logo cards for the Complete Set trophy, while also unlocking the Team Doctor and Past Their Potential trophies in the process. Finally, there are three HUT qualifying trophies which are unfortunately not stackable, which means you'll need to qualify for each playoff. Also, after winning one of the HUT monthly playoff tournament, you'll get the HUT Playoff Winner trophy.

Next, you can head into the Be A GM mode and work towards achieving Legendary status for the Legend GM trophy. To make this quicker, you can set the options to a none-game series. Also, there's no harm in turning off CPU trades and waivers, as well as the salary cap.

Then, there are the Versus-related trophies, to which there are three. You'll eventually need to reach level 25 for all three trophies: Versus Rookie, Versus Pro, and Versus Legend. These can be boosted, so if you're looking for a boosting buddy, check out the forums in our Links page.

After that, there's the five EASHL trophies. For the Every Man trophy, you'll need to play a full game for each of the five positions. Then, play as a goalie for the Taking Shots trophy. You'll need to play a monthly playoff, which is normally in the last week, for the EASHL Playoffs trophy.

Then, the only secret trophy, which is Hats Off To You, requires you to score three goals consecutively. Finally, you'll need to get the EASHL league match into overtime, then score in overtime to be the winner and unlock the EASHL Hero trophy.

With those out of the way, you can work towards the EASHL Rookie, EASHL Pro, and EASHL Legend trophies. This is where a lot of grinding comes in, as you'll eventually need to play over 150 games, and get 75 wins for an A- overall grade at minimum.

Finally, there are a number of Be A Pro related trophies, some of which require you to play on Pro difficulty. Check out the trophy guides in our Links page for the requirements for the last trophies that you still might be missing.

Good luck!