Vancouver 2010 Trophy Guide

Vancouver 2010 Trophy Guide

Vancouver 2010 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ****  A sports game based on the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver. The online trophies are extremely challenging to obtain without a boosting partner.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Vancouver 2010 **** 51 Eurocom U.K. 38 10 2 3 0

Vancouver 2010

Vancouver 2010 is a sports game based on the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver, and is officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee. The game includes a total of 14 events divided into Alpine Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Ski Jumping, Sledding, Snowboarding, and Speed Skating, as well as 30 different challenges across the events. The game includes both online and local competitions with up to four players.

Vancouver 2010 received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 56%, praised for its challenges and online mode, but criticized for a lack of any career mode and limited number of events.

This game has 3 online trophies, one of which requires five online wins in a row. Doing this legitimately now, given that there aren't many players on Vancouver 2010 online anymore, is extremely difficult, thereby awarding this game's platinum a 4-star rating. However, if you have a boosting partner, the difficulty rating could be brought down to a 3-star. Many of the challenges can still be quite tricky, and will require a fair bit of skill and mastery to unlock all the offline trophies.

While the Platinum can be earned in roughly 15-20 hours of gameplay, this really depends on your skills.

NOTE: 4 controllers are required for the Best With Friends trophy.

Since there's no career mode, and the way the trophies are set up, no real roadmap is required. Simply select an event and try to get a gold medal before moving onto the next one. There are 14 events in total, each with their own respective trophy for getting a gold medal. Be sure to check out the Vancouver 2010 trophy guide links under our Links tab for tips if you get stuck. The only other advice we can give is to stay with one event until you get the trophy, as leaving and coming back will only rust up the skills you've been building.

There are also 32 trophies related to completing the challenges. Again, use the trophy guides and just stick with it, until you unlock them all.

The Best With Friends trophy requires you to play a 4-player local game. This means you will need four controllers connected to your PS3.

Finally, there are the three online trophies: Good Host for hosting an online game, Online Olympian for playing an event online, and Back To Back Glory for winning five events in a row. Like the other trophies, these can be unlocked at any time. If you're having trouble finding players, be sure to check the boosting forums under our Links tab.