Injustice 2 Trophy Guide

Injustice 2 Trophy Guide

Injustice 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A fighting game based on the characters from the DC Universe, and a sequel to the 2013 Injustice: Gods Among Us. While the majority of the trophies are easy, a few are either challenging or require a lot of grinding.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Injustice 2 *** 63 NetherRealm Studios U.S. 60 1 1 9 12

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is a fighting game, and a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us released initially in 2013 on seventh generation consoles. The core gameplay is similar to its predecessor, including one-on-one combat with characters from the DC Universe, environment interaction, stage transitions, and character traits which provide temporary abilities according to the character's playstyle. Injustice 2 also adds a loot-dropping system with costume pieces and equipment.

Four years following the events of Injustice: Gods Among Us, Batman is attempting to restore society after the fall of Superman's regime. Meanwhile, the supervillain group The Society, as well as the forces of Brainiac, results in Batman freeing the imprisoned Superman to battle these new threats.

Injustice 2 received positive reviews with an average score of 90%, praised for its story, visuals, game mechanics, and overall presentation, though criticized for its introduction of micro transactions.

The Platinum for Injustice 2 is more time-consuming than difficult. Grinding for XP will take quite a while, and the Cat Fight trophy is requires luck and a lot of farming. There are also several online trophies which, if done legitimately, will require some good skills - particularly winning 10 ranked matches for the Winning Is Fun trophy.

Overall, expect roughly 100 hours of gameplay, depending on your skills, whether or not you boost the online trophies, and luck.

NOTE: Having a second controller will make a number of the trophies easier to obtain.

Injustice 2 doesn't require much of a roadmap, as there are a number of paths you can take on your way to the Platinum. However, if you're in the need of some direction, we recommend starting with the Story Mode. Here, you can set the difficulty to Very Easy and play through the 12 Chapters with will earn you the Half Way There, Who's Next?, and I'll Do It Again trophies.

Next, you can knock out a huge chunk of the trophies by playing in Versus Matches. At least 38 of the trophies can be unlocked, as you select different heroes and battle against particular rivals. If you have a second controller, this step will be even easier than playing against the AI. Be sure to check out the Injustice 2 trophy guide links under our Links tab to see which trophies have what requirements.

Then, there are six trophies related to the Battle Simulator, where in single player you'll fight against five random opponents with all possible characters.

At any point you feel ready, you can head into Online and start fighting against human opponents. Depending on your skills, the toughest trophy here will probably be the Winning Is Fun trophy for winning 10 ranked matches. However, since you'll need to play 200 online matches for the A Real Contender trophy, you should eventually get your 10 wins. Also, the Don't Stop Me Now trophy for winning 50 player matches can be boosted. Check out the boosting forums under our Links tab.

Finally, it's time to mop-up anything you're still missing. This may including grinding for the 50 pieces of Epic Gear for the Hipster trophy, reaching the max level with all characters for the Master Of All Trades trophy, and defeating Cheetah with Catwoman using the Cat Call as the final hit, for the Cat Fight trophy. For this last one, you'll need the Cat Call special ability which you'll find in a Mother Box, and requires a lot of farming and luck to acquire.

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