Knowledge is Power Trophy Guide

Knowledge is Power Trophy Guide

Knowledge is Power Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ** Β A quiz game and part of Sony’s PlayLink line-up of titles which utilize smartphones and tablets as controllers. The game is not difficult, but requires at least 6 smartphones or tablets for unlocking the Platinum.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Knowledge is Power ** 47 Wish Studios U.K. 35 9 2 0 0

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power is a trivia game which utilizes smartphones and tablets as the controller, and part of Sony's PlayLink list of social games. Players select trivia topics ranging from movies and music to biology and mythology, which are answered using the connected smartphones or tablets which prevent other players from copying each other's answers. Power Plays can be selected which either gain chances to acquire extra points, or hinder other players, such as removing letters from the answers or freezing them in ice.

Knowledge is Power received generally positive reviews with an average score of 71%, praised for its humorous presentation and overall fun as a party game, while criticized by some for its lack in variety and difficulty in trivia compared with other quiz games.

With the exception of one or two trophies that require some decent trivia knowledge, the Platinum for Knowledge is Power is overall quick and easy, and deserving of a 1-star rating. However, we bumped it up to a 2-star solely because 6 smartphones or tablets are required for the Platinum. Since the game doesn't include online play, you will need to either own 6 smartphones/tablets, or call some friends over with their phones.

Provided that you have enough smartphones or tablets, the Platinum can be obtained in roughly 10 hours, depending on your trivia knowledge.

The game doesn't require much of a roadmap, as most of the trophies are simply related to winning games. Instead, we recommend going for whichever trophies you can earn by the number of smartphones or tablets you have in your possession at the time.

The most you'll need is 6 smartphones or tablets for the Full House trophy, for playing and completing a 6-player game. If you don't have this many smartphones or tablets on you, then you'll need to call some friends to come over.

Then, there's the High Five trophy, which requires 5 smartphones or tablets for playing and completing a 5-player game.

And the All 4 One, Popularity Contest, Indomitable Spirit, Deep Freeze, Group Gloop, All Bases Covered, and Indomitable Spirit trophies requires 4 smartphones or tablets.

Then you'll need 3 smartphones or tablets for getting the Three's A Crowd, Close Call, Speedy Wrongzales, Late Bloomer, Master Strategiest, A Helping Hand, Rain On The Parade, Freeze Frame, On All Fronts, There's Always One, Between The Lines, Cognitive Dissonance, and Billy No Points trophies.

The remaining trophies can be obtained with a minimum of 2 smartphones or tablets, though a few may be easier with more. While playing, be sure to select each of the different characters in order to work towards their related trophies, which require three wins with each, as well as trophies related to certain Power Plays. Check out the Knowledge is Power trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details.

Aside from all that, you'll also need to play 30 full games to unlock the Veteran trophy, and use all of the game's 8 different characters for the Full Roster trophy, and use a power pick 20 times for the Scene Stealer trophy.

The most challenging will be the Fact Machines trophy, which requires answering all multiple choice questions correctly by all players. This can be done with 2 players, and if you get any tough questions, pause the game by hitting the PS button immediately after the question is presented, so you can search for the answer online.

Unfortunately, there aren't too many guides or walkthroughs online as yet, though we will add them as more become available.

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