Mad Max Trophy Guide

Mad Max Trophy Guide

Mad Max Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  An action-adventure set in an open-world and includes both on-ground and vehicular combat, based on the Mad Max franchise. The Platinum is not particularly difficult, but very time-consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Mad Max *** 50 Avalanche Studios Sweeden 41 5 3 1 0

Mad Max

Mad Max is an action-adventure set in an open-world, based on the Mad Max franchise. The player-character can engage in stealth or combat using a variety of weapons, as well as fight enemies in vehicular combat.While exploring landscapes and fulfilling missions, the player character and his vehicle can be upgraded.

In an apocalyptic world, Max journeys to the Plains of Silence, where he is attacked by the infamous War Boys and stripped of his belongings. He then sets on a quest to seek revenge on the raiders.

Mad Max received lukewarm reviews with an average score of 71%, praised for its engaging story, colorful characters, and remaining faithful to the spirit of the films, though criticized by some for its repetitive gameplay and technical bugs.

Mad Max was made available as a PlayStation Plus free game in April 2018.

With the exception of a few challenges, the Platinum for Mad Max is not particularly difficult, but very time consuming. In an open-world setting, you'll need to complete all the missions and sub-missions, perform challenges, take down camps, and find collectibles, all while upgrading Max's skills and his car. The good news is, there are no missable trophies. However, be prepared to put in a lot of grinding.

The trophy Up To The Task is technically labeled as an online trophy, only because two of the challenges require connection to the Avalanche Studios' server. A PlayStation Plus membership is not required, and the challenges themselves are treated as single-player.

Expect anywhere between 60-80 hours for the Platinum, depending on your skills.

For the most part, there are no missable trophies. So we recommend starting with going through and completing the main story. Along the way, you can work on doing some of the side missions and challenges. Also, spend only as much scrap as you have to during this stage, as you'll need to have a total of 10,000 scrap for the Scrap Collector trophy. Finally, some of the challengers can be quite difficult to accomplish later in the game, of which you'll need to complete the 144 non-repeating ones for the Up To The Task trophy. So we recommend checking the requirements for this trophy in the Mad Max trophy guide links under our Links page, to see which ones have special requirements that are easier to do when there are still a number of enemies around.

After you've completed the main story, you'll have unlocked all the Wasteland Missions. So, now it's time to finish those. Remember to keep saving that scrap if you haven't yet unlocked the Scrap Collector trophy. Also at this point, you should be able to finish any remaining challengers for the Up To The Task trophy.

If you've completed all the challengers, then it's safe to start reducing all the threats in each of the four territories for their respective trophies. With all the threats reduce, this will make it easier for the next step, which is completing all the scavenging locations.

All that should be left are the Death Runs, which are the races found throughout the open world. Complete those to unlock their respective trophies, and then finally mop-up anything you're still missing.

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