Wolfenstein The New Order Trophy Guide PS4

Wolfenstein The New Order Trophy Guide

Wolfenstein The New Order Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A first-person shooter and sequel to the 2009 Wolfenstein. Requires some skill and a little time, though is less than average in terms of difficulty.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Wolfenstein: The New Order ** 51 MachineGames Sweden 34 15 1 0 0

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Wolfenstein: The New Order is a first-person shooter, and the seventh main entry in the Wolfenstein series which began on the PC in 1981, and is a sequel to the 2009 Wolfenstein. Players use an assortment of firearms and explosives, as well as melee attacks against enemies, while navigating through levels which can occupy either shootouts or using stealth.

Set in an alternate 1960's after the Nazis have won WWII by using advanced technologies, American war hero B.J. Blazkowicz is on a mission to launch a counter-offensive against his nemesis, General Wilhelm Deathshead Strasse.

Wolfenstein: The New Order received mostly positive reviews with an average score of 80%, praised for its combat mechanics, story, characters, and an overall improvement over the previous installment, through criticized by some for a few old-school aspects and empty environments.

This is a low 2-star rating, as the Platinum does require a bit of skill. At least one full playthrough is required, and if using an exploit, the final chapter to be completed on Uber difficulty. There are several collectibles to find, and some miscellaneous trophies to unlock. A chapter select means no trophies are missable.

If performing only one playthrough, expect about 20-24 hours, depending on your FPS skills.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 version have a separate list from those on the PS3.

At least one playthrough on Uber difficulty is required for the Uber Hero trophy, which is available to play from the start. The difficulty on Uber is not as high compared with other games, and so we recommend performing your playthrough on that.

There is an exploit, however, if you so choose. You can play on Easy and complete the game, then load up the last chapter and select Uber difficulty, which will unlock Uber Hero after the credits, as well as the other difficulty-related trophies. If you choose to take this step, be reminded that the final chapter on Uber may seem quite difficult since you'll have lacked the experience playing through the game on only Easy. The choice is yours.

During your playthrough, you may want to save some grinding later by finding all the collectibles. Be sure to check out the collectibles guides under our Links tab. There are also a number of challenges you can complete, which will not only unlock their corresponding trophies, but some perks which will assist with your gameplay. For more information, check out the Wolfenstein The New Order trophy guide links under our Links page. However, if you choose to simply play through the game and worry about the other trophies later, that's fine. There is a chapter select available, so nothing is missable.

Once you've gotten your Uber Hero trophy, it's time to use the chapter select to mop-up any trophies you're missing. Again, check out the Wolfenstein The New Order trophy guides under our Links tab to see what you still need and their requirements.

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