Shovel Knight Treasure Trove Trophy Guide PS4

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove Trophy Guide

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A 2D side-scrolling action platformer inspired by classic third-generation games. While the majority of the trophies are reasonable, a few can be rather challenging.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove ** 38 Yacht Club Games U.S. 28 3 6 0 4

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is a 2D side-scrolling action platformer, inspired by classic third-generation titles. Players defeat enemies and bosses by using a shovel in either a forward attack or by jumping and thrusting downward. The shovel is also used for digging to find treasures. Money is earned throughout the game, which can be spent on upgrades and secondary items.

In a series of campaigns, Shovel Knight is an adventurer who, alongside his beloved Shield Knight, battles such evils as the Enchantress and Plague Knight.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove received positive reviews with an average score of 90%, praised for its innovative and fresh gameplay, graphics, and soundtrack. The game also won several Game of the Year awards in 2014.

This is a high 2-star difficulty, as some of the trophies can be quite challenging. While the Platinum can technically be unlocked in 2 playthroughs, most players will need at least 3 or 4 to make things easier. There are collectibles to find, and a speed-run playthrough to perform. Though the most difficult trophy will be for clearing the game without dying. While the game is certainly doable for any average player, a lot of patience is required to ease the frustration at times.

Expect anywhere between 15-25 hours, depending on your skills and how many playthroughs you perform. NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 share the same list with those on the PS3 and PS Vita.

While the Platinum can technically be earned in 2 playthroughs, we recommend at least 3, if not 4, to spare the frustration. Though of course, the choice is yours.

You'll first want to play through the game from beginning to end, learning the controls, and either finding or purchasing all the collectibles in the form of song scrolls, relics, equipment, and upgrades. There are also some miscellaneous trophies you can unlock as well, so be sure to check out the Shovel Knight Treasure Trove trophy guide links under our Links tab.

If you want to reduce the number of playthroughs, then you can also go for the Impossible trophy for completing your first playthrough without dying, which will also in turn unlock the Perfect Platformer trophy. If your plan is to get the Platinum in only 2 playthroughs, then you'll need to do the speed run for the Hurry Up trophy first, which means getting all the collectibles in your second playthrough, as Hurry Up cannot be done on a New Game+.

For your next playthrough, start a New Game+ on your previoius save to unlock the Again trophy. Since you already got all the collectibles and upgrades in your previous playthrough, you can now finish the game without spending any money for the Penny Pincher trophy. If you're avoiding playthroughs, then you could also try to complete the game while avoiding Relicks for the True Shovelry trophy, and any other miscellaneous trophies you missed in your first playthrough.

If you're taking your time and only went for the Penny Pincher trophy in your second playthrough, then now is the time to start a third, where you'll be going for the Hurry Up and True Shovelry trophy. The Hurry Up trophy must be done on a new game, and NOT a New Game+. To make things easier, make extra saves after each stage which you can then reload if you feel your time wasn't quick enough. Completing the game in under an hour and a half is certainly doable, but does not leave much room for error, either.

After that, if there are any trophies still missing, then now is the time to mop them up. Check out the Shovel Knight Treasure Trove trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what trophies you're still missing and their requirements.

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