PlayStation Game Server Closures

PlayStation Game Server Closures

Last month, players said farewell to the online portion of the 2010 PS3 title ModNation Racers, which went offline on October 10. The Platinum has officially become Not Obtainable for players who still required any of its 17 online trophies. In addition, the three DLC add-ons, Far East Tour, Arctic Tour, and Big City Tour, which have a total of 21 trophies, have been pulled from the PlayStation Store.

While unfortunate, it’s also natural for game servers to close as they get on in years, and less people are playing them online. Here is an updated list of planned PlayStation game server closures that players and trophy hunters may wish to be aware of:

The 2012 vehicle combat game Twisted Metal is currently on borrowed time. The online servers were originally scheduled to close on January 31 next year, only to be “rescheduled” for October 15, 2018. At the moment, the servers for Twisted Metal are still up, though it’s unclear whether they will be closed on any scheduled day, or the original January 31. Twisted Metal includes 12 online trophies, which means unless they are unlocked before the server closure, the Platinum will become Not Obtainable.

The 2014 PS4 action title InFamous Second Son will have its online servers close on December 16, 2018. However, this only included the web-based puzzle portions of InFamous Paper Trail. Since there are no trophies connected with this – or any online trophies, for that matter – the Platinum will remain available after the closure.

Warhawk, the 2007 PS3 multiplayer third-person shooter, will have its online servers closed on January 31 next year. Warhawk is an online-only game, which means all of its trophies, including the DLC, will become Not Obtainable after the date.

The 2012 crossover fighting game, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, will also have its online servers close on January 31 on both the PS3 and PS Vita version. This title was a PlayStation Plus free game in September 2014. PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale includes 7 online trophies which, along with the Platinum, will become Not Obtainable after the server closure.

Also closing on January 31 are the online servers for Sound Shapes, across the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita platforms. However, none of the trophies require online gameplay, which means the Platinum will still be obtainable. Also, the DLC packs which make up a total of 55 trophies to be unlocked, will still remain available for purchase on the PlayStation Store.

The PS4 third-person shooter Drawn to Death will see their online servers close on March 25, 2019. Drawn to Death was a PlayStation Plus free game upon its release in April 2017. Since this is an online-only title, all trophies and its Platinum will become Not Obtainable after the closure date.

For trophy hunters out there who are hoping to unlock these online trophies before their server closures, may find it easier to locate boosting partners as we near crunch time. Be sure to check out the Links tab for each respective game, where we add Boosting Forum links.