PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2018

PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2018

With the Winter Holidays coming up, here are some games you may wish to spend playing indoors on those cold days. Sony has just announced their line-up for PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2018 which will be available on Tuesday, December 4.

On the PlayStation 4, there’s Soma, a sci-fi survival horror taking place in a remote underwater research facility, where machines seem to be developing their own personalities. And Onrush, a vehicular combat game where players use off-road vehicles such as buggies and motorcycles to take down opponents and win.

For the PlayStation 3, there’s Steredenn, a space shooter where players must survive against space pirates in chaotic combat. And Steins;Gate, a visual novel involving students who use technology to alter the past.

And on the PlayStation Vita, there’s Iconoclasts, a 2D action platformer with gameplay similar to the classic Metroid, battling enemies and solving environmental puzzles as the player-character Robin fights against tyranny. Iconoclasts is also a cross-plat on the PS4. And there’s Papers, Please, a puzzle simulation game where players are a boarder crossing immigration officer in the fictional dystopian country named Arstotzka.

Among the PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2018, only Onrush and Steins;Gate have Platinum trophies. Steins;Gate is certainly the easiest, being a visual novel, requiring only 5 hours if using a guide and text-skipping. While the Platinum for Onrush is of average difficulty depending on your skills, requiring anywhere between 15-20 hours of gameplay.

Also, unlocking 100% of the trophies on Papers, Please is reasonably easy with a guide and only requiring about 3 hours, while Soma is not hard and needs only about 8 hours.