Monster Hunter World Trophy Guide

Monster Hunter World Trophy Guide

Monster Hunter World Trophy Guide. Difficulty: *** Β A third-person action adventure with RPG elements, where players take down giant beasts in different environments. The Platinum is not especially difficult, but extremely time consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Monster Hunter: World *** 50 Capcom Japan 36 11 2 1 5

Monster Hunter: World

Monster Hunter World is a third-person action adventure with RPG elements, and part of the Monster Hunter series which began on the PlayStation 2 in 2004. Players control a Hunter, tasked with either capturing or slaying large monsters that roam in different, nearby environments. When successful, players use pieces of the monster to craft higher level weapons and armor. Players can also gather numerous resources located in each environment that can be used for crafting potions, ammunition, and other helpful items. The game allows for online multiplayer with up to four players.

Humans and other sentient races have sailed off from the Old World and began establishing working bases on a new, wild continent known as the New World. The player-character is a hunter, who is assisting the Research Commission to embark on expeditions and study the Elder Dragons that reside in the New World.

Monster Hunter World received highly positive reviews with an average score of 90%, praised for its graphics, beautiful environments, game mechanics, and overall fun gameplay.

The Platinum for Monster Hunter World is not particularly difficult - especially since you can request assistance from other online players. However, the road to the Platinum is a very long and time-consuming one. You'll need to capture or defeat the same monster several times in order to collect Crowns, which not only requires much time, but is heavily lucked based. But with enough determination, any average player should be able to obtain the Platinum.

Expect anywhere between 300-400 hours for the Platinum, heavily dependent on luck and a little skill.

You'll first want to start by going through the story, while upgrading your armor and weapons. There are a number of side quests you can complete as well which can offer useful rewards. If you get stuck trying to defeat a monster, remember to always try sending out an SOS, as more often than not, the other online players who arrive to help will be of higher rank. Continue through the story until you've defeated the final boss. From there on out, the level-cap will be lifted and you'll be free to venture out anywhere you wish. You'll unlock a number of trophies naturally during this process.

Also, each time you log in, make it a habit of sending out your Guild Card to everyone on the server. Chances are, at least one or two of those people will send you theirs as well. You'll need to collect over 50 guild cards for the Spreading The Word trophy.

Once that's done, it's basically time to unlock all other trophies, except for those related to collecting Crowns and a few other grinding trophies. This should include The Hunter's Life For Me trophy for completing 50 optional quests, The Franchise Hunter trophy for completing 50 investigations, the Nowhere To Go But Up trophy for completing 50 arena quests, obtaining five highly rare (Rarity 8) armor pieces for the Impregnable Defense trophy, having five highly rare weapons (Rarity 8) for the Power Is Everything trophy, as well as the three capture-related trophies, which include A Living Soffil, Snuggles For All, and Bristles For All trophies. For more details, be sure to check out the Monster Hunter World trophy guide links under our Links tab.

After all that, it's time to start grinding for those crowns. You'll need a miniature crown for almost every monster for the Miniature Crown Master trophy, a giant crown for almost every monster for the Giant Crown Master trophy, and research everything about almost every monster for the Monster Ph.D trophy, while also working towards reaching hunter rank 100 for the Established Hunter trophy. With all this grinding, you should eventually unlock the Bourgeois Hunter trophy for having 1,000,000 zenny at one time, if you haven't been spending it.

Happy Hunting!

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