Skylanders SWAP Force Trophy Guide PS3

Skylanders SWAP Force Trophy Guide

Skylanders SWAP Force Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A platforming adventure and the third title in the Skylanders franchise that uses action figures which turn into playable characters. The Platinum is more time consuming than difficult, requiring four full playthroughs.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Skylanders SWAP Force ** 40 Vicarious Visions U.S. 30 4 5 1 0

Skylanders SWAP Force

Skylanders SWAP Force is a platforming adventure, the third main title in the Skylanders series, and a sequel to the 2011 Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. Similar to previous installments, players use real-life action figures which are transformed into playable characters through use of the Portal. The game introduces the new Portal of Power which allows for swappable characters, with sixteen new characters that can be separated by their top and bottom, allowing for a total of 256 combinations.

For generations, the SWAP Force protected the volcano which restores the Skylands' magic. However, after being caught in an eruption following a massive battle, the SWAP Force were broken apart and hurled to the Earth. Yet their new ability to swap powers may be the key to saving Skylands.

Skylanders SWAP Force received positive reviews with an average score of 83%, praised for its environment, colorful characters, diverse enemies, and overall fun, while criticized for its camera angles and high-priced figures necessary in unlocking extra content.

Like most titles in the series, the game is not particularly difficult, and is easier depending on how many Skylanders you have. The main reason for the 2-star difficulty rating is for the time involved, as you will need to perform four full playthroughs, one of which on Nightmare difficulty which can be challenging at parts - especially if you are only using the Starter Pack. The online trophy is easy to unlock and does not require any assistance from other players.

Expect roughly around 40 hours for the Platinum.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 have a separate list from those on the PS3.

ALSO NOTE: You will need a second controller for three trophies.

You will need to perform four full playthroughs on your road to the Platinum.

The first is simply playing through and completing the game in order to unlock Nightmare mode. During your first playthrough, you can play on any mode of your choosing. If you're new to the Skylanders series, you may which to start on Easy or Medium. But keep in mind that you'll later need to play on Nightmare - so if you wish to avoid a shock and do a little preparation, you may want to start on Hard. It's up to you.

During your first playthrough, you will automatically unlock a ton of story-related trophies. There are are few miscellaneous ones you can unlock now, if you wish. Be sure to check out the Skylanders SWAP Force trophy guide links under our Links tab on more details.

Once you've finished your first playthrough, you will have unlocked Nightmare mode. Now, you have three playthroughs left to do. One on Nightmare mode, another on Score mode, and another for Time Attack.

If you wish to progress from easier to more difficult, we recommend doing the Time Attack next. Here, you'll need to speed run through the levels, avoiding combat whenever possible. Earning a 3-star rating in all 17 Time Attack levels will net you four trophies, including the Fastest One Around trophy.

Next are the Score mode levels, where you'll need to rack up your score by avoiding taking hits. Having a friend to play with will make this quite easy. Completing all 17 Score mode levels will unlock another four trophies, including the Winning Streak trophy.

Finally, it's time for your Nightmare mode playthrough. With all your experience in the game up to this point, Nightmare mode shouldn't prove to be too difficult, with only a few tricky areas here and there. Also, the difficulty-related trophies are stackable, so if you didn't play on Hard earlier, you'll unlock that trophy after completing Nightmare mode, along with the Knights Of Nightmares trophy.

Finally, if you happened to miss anything, now's the time to mop-up. Again, check out the Skylanders SWAP Force trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you may still be missing and their requirements.