Super Robot Wars V Trophy Guide

Super Robot Wars V Trophy Guide

Super Robot Wars V Trophy Guide. Difficulty: ***  A tactical RPG and the eighth standalone title in the Super Robot Wars series. While the game requires some strategy, it is not particularly difficult, but the Platinum is quite time-consuming.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Super Robot Wars V *** 35 B.B. Studio Japan 20 10 4 0 0

Super Robot Wars V

Super Robot Wars V is a tactical role-playing game and the eighth standalone title in the series, which features a cross-over of various mecha anime, manga, and games including Full Metal Panic, Rebuild of Evangelion, and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam. In a turn-based system, players order their units with such commands as move, attack, form squads, or cast Spirit Commands which are unique magic-like spells. Following each battle, units can be upgraded, while characters can have their skills and stats either upgraded or altered.

Following the end of the Jupiter War, the Earth Federation has been invaded by the Gamillas, an alien species which launched bombs from their base on Pluto, devastating the Earth and polluting the environment to the point which humanity will remain extinct within a year. However, the Space Battleship Yamato sets out on a journey to another planet in search of a device which could save the Earth.

Super Robot Wars V receieved positive reviews in Japan with an average score of 83%, praised for its faithfullness to each individual source material, intertwining of stories, and overall fun, while criticized by some for its lack in challenge.

The game requires some strategy, but is not particularly difficult. Especially for those with experience with either the Super Robot Wars series, or tactical RPG games in general. The 3-star difficulty is more for the time required. Two full playthroughs are required, one for each of the two main characters. The good news is, all your data such as money, TacP, and kill count, will carry over from your first playthrough to the second, making mopping-up any missed trophies a lot easier.

Expect around 100-120 hours of gameplay for the Platinum.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 share the same list with those on the PS Vita.

For the Overseer Of The Two Stories trophy, you'll need to complete two full playthroughs, one with the male protagonist, and one with the female. So, start things off by selecting either Soji Murakumo or Chitose Kisaragi, and being your first playthrough.

If you're new to the Super Robot Wars titles, or simply just want to enjoy the game, you can. While the game does include a number of missable trophies, these can all be mopped-up on your second playthrough, if you prefer. All your money, TacP, kills, etc. will carry over into your second playthrough.

A few notes: Getting all 51 SR points, which is required for both the SR Point Hoarder trophy, and getting the Platinum Emblem for the Emblem Collector trophy, must be done in one playthrough as the number of SR points will reset. Also, after you have unlocked the Factory and sub-Orders, it's a good idea to use them during each Intermission in order to get bonus money, TacP, etc. Finally, be sure to make multiple saves in case you mess up, particularly if you've chosen a route which you regret, allowing you to reload and select a different one.

After you've completed your first playthrough, you should have all the story-related trophies, the War Is Over trophy for completing the game, and hopefully a few other miscellaneous ones depending on how much trophy hunting you did.

For your second playthrough, be sure to use the Data Migration, to carry over all your money, TacP, stats, etc. This should make your second playthrough much easier, as well as mopping-up any missed trophies from your first run. Also, make sure to select the other protagonist, in order to get the Overseer Of The Two Stories trophy.

Be sure to check out the Super Robot Wars V trophy guide links under our Links tab on details for what trophies you still require. After your second playthrough, you should unlock the Overseer Of The Two Stories trophy for having done each playthrough with each protagonist, and if you managed to successfully mop-up anything you were missing before, the Platinum trophy.

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