Real Farm Trophy Guide

Real Farm Trophy Guide

Real Farm Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A farming simulator where players start with nothing and rise in wealth by managing crops, cattle, staff, and taking on side-jobs. The Platinum is quite easy, requiring only time.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Real Farm ** 16 Triangle Studios Netherlands 1 5 9 0 0

Real Farm

Real Farm is a simulation game similar to the Farming Simulator series. Players start with nothing, and must take out a loan to purchase a farm, as well as either buy or lease farming equipment. Players then manage the land and crops, as well as livestock and even staff in order to sell in a real-time economy, while also earning money by performing side-jobs for other non-player characters.

Real Farm received negative views by the few online magazines which reviewed the game, with an average score of 42%, praised by some for its presentation and overall fun, but criticized by others for a lack of polish, lack of content in comparison to other games in the same genre, lack of multiplayer, and technical issues.

The Platinum for Real Farm is not difficult, only time consuming. Half of the trophies can be easily obtained in Free Roam. The others will need to be unlocked while playing through the Career mode, which is where the time consumption comes in. Overall, an easy Platinum that just requires some time and trophy guides.

Expect roughly around 40 hours for the Platinum.

All trophies can be divided into two categories: those unlocked in Career mode, and those in Free Roam. It's up to you which category to work on first.

Each of the Free Roam trophies can be obtained on Easy mode. First, you can easily unlock A Full Horse Stable, Nothing Without His Tools, and Apparatus trophies by starting a game, taking out a loan for $200K, and buying 5 vehicles, 5 attachments, and 20 pieces of equipment for each respective trophy.

Next, start another game and take out the same loan, this time using it to buy all the fields to unlock both the Land Owner and Seigneur trophies.

Finally, start another game and take out the $200K loan, where you'll be working on having 10 workers doing a job at the same time for the Sit Back And Relax trophy.

Be sure to check out the Real Farm trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details.

All the other trophies will need to be unlocked in the Career mode. This can be done on Easy mode, if you prefer. Your ultimate goal is to have a million dollars in your account for the Millionairre trophy, which you can then use that money to pay off your loan for the Debt Free trophy. Along the way, you will be unlocking the remaining miscellaneous trophies naturally.

A few tips to keep in mind during your play on Career mode. One, is that it's always cheaper to rent equipment, rather than purchase them. Also, you will make more money by doing the respawning side jobs, which are marked with a yellow exclamation point on the map. You will need to do these anyway for both the Contracter and Job Hopper trophies. If you're in a rush for that trophy, focus only on doing side-jobs.

Happy farming!

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