Rise of the Kasai Trophy Guide

Rise of the Kasai Trophy Guide

Rise of the Kasai Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A third-person action adventure which pits players against a hoard of enemies to stop an evil plan of world domination. The Platinum is not particularly difficult, especially if using cheat codes, and the game is not very long.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Rise of the Kasai ** 30 BottleRocket Entertainment U.S. 9 16 4 0 0

Rise of the Kasai

Rise of the Kasai is a third-person action adventure originally released on the PlayStation 2 in 2005 as a sequel to The Mark of Kri, and revamped with trophy support for the PlayStation 4 in 2016. Players battle numerous enemies to progress through the story, by use of the game mechanic's Focus Beam which allows players to lock onto a single or multiple enemies, then chaining attacks together into battle combos. The game also includes stealth attacks, and a spirit guide which can foresee upcoming environments and enemy positions for the player to better plan their strategy.

In a narrative which takes place both ten years before and ten years following the events of The Mark of Kri, the warriors known as the Rakus battle against the Kasai, dark magicians lead by the treacherous Maibisi. The Rakus must stop Maibisi from finding all six Marks of Kri and unleashing unspeakable horrors which allow him domination over the world.

The original Rise of the Kasai received mostly positive reviews with an average score of 72%, praised for its combat system and visuals, though criticized by some for repetitive gameplay and issues with the AI.

This is a low 2-star rating, as the game is not especially difficult nor time consuming. There are cheats which you can enable, including invincibility and nerfing enemies, which will not disable trophies and certainly make your playthrough much easier. However, you will still need to be fairly decent at performing combos for some trophies. There are also collectibles to find, but with the chapter select, nothing is misable.

Expect roughly around 15-18 hours for the Platinum trophy.

The game includes an old school cheat system, in which you can enter a series of buttons which will enable certain advantages to the gameplay. These include Invincibility, Wimpy Enemies, Super Player, and Unlimited Ammo, as well as cheats which make the gameplay more difficult. Using these cheats will NOT disable the trophies. If this is something which interests you, check out scharn73's Rise of the Kasai trophy guide under our Links tab for more details.

The game includes a chapter select, so there are no missable trophies to worry about. So to begin, simply start up the game and make your way through all the levels, which will unlock a few story-related trophies.

Along the way, if you wish to avoid a lot of replay after, you'll want to complete all the level challenges along the way. There are 45 challenges in total, with about 4-5 per level. Most of these are kill-related challenges, while a few are either connected to finding the collectibles, or a few other miscellaneous challenges. Completing all of these during your playthrough will not only unlock the Arena Champion trophy, but also unlock all the area levels which you'll need to complete later on.

Also, there are a total of 32 Tuku collectibles to find throughout the game. So again, if you wish to avoid a lot of going back, follow one of the collectible locations guides under our Links tab.

Finally, there are numerous kill-related trophies which you can work on during your playthrough as well, if you so choose.

Once you've finished the playthrough, and hopefully unlocked all the arena levels, its time to move onto those. These are divided into Time Attack and Body Count modes which, clearing these will unlock movies. Once you've unlocked 10 movies, you will get A Watchful Eye trophy.

After all that, you may have just a few miscellaneous trophies remaining. Use the chapter select, and refer to the Rise of the Kasai trophy guide links under our Links tab to see what you still need, and their requirments.

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