FIFA 14 Trophy Guide PS4

FIFA 14 Trophy Guide

FIFA 14 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: n/o  A football/soccer game and the 21st title in the FIFA series. Due to the server closure, the online trophies – and therefore, the Platinum – is now Not Obtainable.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
FIFA 14 n/o 42 EA Canada Canada 24 15 2 24 0


FIFA 14 is the 2013 installment and the 21st title in EA’s FIFA football/soccer series of video games. The game features 33 licensed leagues, comprised of over 600 clubs and 16,000 players, and 47 licensed international teams and legends team. FIFA Ultimate team, which was first introduced in FIFA 10, returns where players can build their own team using real-world players. The game engine Ignite Engine is also included to enhance both graphics and gameplay.

FIFA 14 received positive reviews with an average score of 86%, praised for its realistic graphics, fun gameplay, and overall improvements over previous installments.

FIFA 14 was first released in September 2013. The PlayStation 4 version included 24 online trophies, while the PlayStation 3 version included 25 online trophies. Unfortunately, the online servers were closed on October 18, 2017. This means those online trophies, as well as the Platinum trophies for both consoles, have become Not Obtainable.

NOTE: The trophies on the PS4 have a separate list from those on the PS3 and PS Vita.

The online servers for FIFA 14 were shut down on October 18, 2017. This means the PS4’s 24 online trophies, and the PS3’s 25 online trophies, as well as their respective Platinum trophies, are Not Obtainable. However, there are still 17 offline trophies on the PS4 version, and 18 on the PS3 version which can be unlocked. So if you’re still interested, then read on.

There are three Skill Games related trophies you can start with, if you wish. You will need to get a silver stage in all 13 Skill Games in order to unlock both the Silver Lining, and become Legendary on at least one for the Legendary trophy. Along the way, you will automatically unlock the So Skilled trophy as well.

Unfortunately, the Skills To Pay The Bills trophy requires online multiplayer.

Once you’ve tuned your skills, it’s time to head into Career mode. There are six trophies to unlock here, including wining a trophy as a Team Manager for the Silverware trophy, and be featured in the team of the week for the Rising Star trophy. Other trophies include sending a Scout on an Area Scouting mission for the First Mission trophy, opening your inbox while advancing through the career for the You Got Mail trophy, changing the formation from the team management for the Control trophy, and for scouting a player with a combination of three Global Transfer Network attributes for the You Struck Gold trophy. For more details, check out the FIFA 14 trophy guide links under our Links tab.

Lastly, it’s time to mop-up the remaining offline trophies, many of which are related to scores. If you’re having trouble reaching Level 15 for the Started From The Bottom trophy, try starting a new game on Legendary difficulty with both User and CPU settings altered to make things easier.

Unfortunately, with the online servers shut down, this is as far as we can go.

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