Last Guardian Trophy Guide

The Last Guardian Trophy Guide

The Last Guardian Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A third-person action adventure with puzzle and platforming elements. The Platinum is fairly average in both difficulty as well as time required.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Last Guardian ** 24 Team ICO / SIE Japan Studio Japan 9 7 7 0 0

The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is a third-person action adventure with puzzle and platforming aspects, created by the same team behind Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. The game first began development by Team ICO with an intended release on the PlayStation 3, but suffered from delays before being taken over by SIE Japan Studios and released on the PlayStation 4. Players control an unnamed boy who co-operates with a large bird-like creature in order to navigate through each level.

Told as a flashback by an older man, the story involves a boy who awakens in an ancient castle, and meets a large, half-bird half-cat like creature called a Trico. After saving and befriending Trico, the two traverse through the castle ruins while evading the strange soldiers that lurk within.

The Last Guardian received mixed to positive reviews with an average score of 81%, praised for its story, visuals, the relationship between the boy and Trico, while both praised and criticized for Trico’s realistic animal-like behavior, and criticized for poor control mechanics and camera angles.

The Platinum for The Last Guardian is both fairly average in terms of difficulty, as well as time required. At least two playthroughs are required, one of which is a speed-run, and perhaps a partial playthrough. The difficult aspect of the game isn’t actually the game itself, but the awkward mechanics and camera angles. Overall, the Platinum is far easier than Team ICO’s previous titles.

Expect around 22-26 hours for the Platinum.

Nearly all the trophies are missable, so if you’re in a rush for that Platinum and don’t care about spoilers, it’s a good idea to follow one of the walkthroughs under our Links tab. You should also check out the Last Guardian trophy guide links under our Links tab and get familiar with what you need to do.

The object here, is to get nearly all the trophies in one playthrough, with the exception of the speed-run related trophies, as well as both Dressed For The Fest and Beast Friends Forever trophies. You can also save the Untouchable Emissary trophy for your second playthrough, as well. Just focus on getting through the game, while finding all the collectibles, and fullfilling the other miscellaneous trophies.

Once that’s finished, it’s time to do a New Game+ for a partial playthrough to collect both the Dressed For The Fest and Beast Friends Forever trophies. If you’ve found all 48 barrels in your initial playthrough, then you’ll need to find them all again for a total of 96 barrels. You’ll need a total of 64 barrels in order to get all the boy’s costumes for the Dressed For The Fest trophy. You will also need a total of 96 barrels (all barrels in two playthroughs) in order to pain Trico’s entire body for the Beast Friends Forever trophy. If you happen to miss a couple barrels, don’t worry. There’s still the speed-run playthrough where you can grab a few there, as well.

Finally, it’s time for your speed-run. Your ultimate goal here is to clear the game in under 5 hours for the Lightning Emissary trophy. Doing so will also unlock the Fleet Emissary for clearing in under 15 hours, and the Spry Emissary for clearing under 30 hours, if you haven’t gotten those trophies already.

Also, this is a good chance to go for the Untouchable Emissary trophy as well, for reaching the end of the game without a game over. The reason is because we recommend saving your game either to the PS+ Cloud or on a portable HD after each section, in case you die or take too long during any part of the game. Check out some of the Speed Run walkthrough videos under our Links tab if you need a demonstration.

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