Titanfall 2 Trophy Guide

Titanfall 2 Trophy Guide

Titanfall 2 Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A first-person shooter and sequel to the 2014 Titanfall. The majority of the trophies are of average difficulty, except for one which requires much practice.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Titanfall 2 *** 51 Respawn Entertainment U.S. 40 8 2 3 0

Titanfall 2

Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter, and a sequel to the 2014 Titanfall that was an Xbox exclusive. Players control both mecha-style exoskeletons called Titans, as well as their pilots. Controlling the Titans allows for strong firearms and protection, while operating as the Pilot allows for more agility, as well as using such abilities as holographic visual cloaking devices, a grappling hook, or the ability to travel between locations quickly. The game includes both the single-player campaign, as well as online multiplayer.

Taking place in a region of star systems far from Earth, known as The Frontier, Jack Cooper is training to become a Titan Pilot for the Militia. Though his training may come to a quick end when Militia force has a special mission for him.

Titanfall 2 received positive reviews with an average score of 88%, praised for its gameplay, controls, level design, and setting, while criticized by some for the shortness of the campaign.

The game requires a playthrough on its most difficult mode. However, this is not too challenging for most average gamers. Also, there are no missable trophies due to a chapter select, and the three online trophies are quite easy to unlock without requiring any boosting. What makes this Platinum a 3-star rather than 2, is a single trophy. The Becomes The Master trophy requires you to be placed in the Top 3 on the Gauntlet scoreboard, and doing so leaves very little room for error. Much of your time will be spent mastering the Gauntlet until you can unlock this trophy.

Expect anywhere between 15-25 hours, depending on your skills and how much practice is required for the Becomes The Master trophy.

Master difficulty is available from the start, so if you’re in a rush for that Platinum, and are confident in your FPS skills, we highly recommend starting with that, to avoid a second playthrough. Completing the game on Master difficulty will unlock the Legendary Pilot trophy, as well as the Certified Pilot and Renowned Pilot trophies.

During your first playthrough, you’ll also unlock a number of story-related trophies. We recommend, in order to avoid a lot of backtracking, finding all 46 collectible Pilot Helmets in order to get the Every Nook And Cranny trophy. Check out the collectible locations guides under our Links tab for this.

There are a number of other miscellaneous trophies you can get during this playthrough as well, if you wish. Check out the Titanfall 2 trophy guide links under our Links tab for this. However, keep in mind that there will be a mission select after completing the campaign, so nothing is missable.

Once you’ve completed the campaign on Master difficulty, it’s time to mop up all the remaining offline trophies – with the exception of The Student and Becomes The Master trophies. Here, you can select Easy difficulty when using the mission select to grab whichever trophies are still remaining. Again, check out the Titanfall 2 trophy guide links for more details.

There are three online trophies to unlock, which are not difficult and do not require boosting. Simply customize a multiplayer loadout from the Customize selection in the main multiplayer menu for the Lock And Load trophy, search for and join a multiplayer network for the Free Association trophy, and win a multiplayer match for the So It Begins trophy.

Finally, after all that, you should have only two trophies left before getting the Platinum. These should be The Student for beating Pilot Anderson’s Gauntlet ghost record time, and Becomes The Master for placing in the top 3 on the Gauntlet Scoreboard. The Student trophy should not be too hard to get, but getting into the top 3 will require a lot of practice. Depending on your skills, this could take anywhere between three to even eight hours of practice. Check out some of the video demonstrations under our Links tab to see how other players manage to do it.

This is no easy task, but just keep at it and soon you’ll have a well-deserved Platinum in your trophy collection.

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