ZOMBI Trophy Guide

ZOMBI Trophy Guide

ZOMBI Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A first-person survival horror taking place in London during a zombie apocalypse. The Platinum is fairly average in terms of both difficulty and time required.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
ZOMBI ** 21 Ubisoft Montpellier France 4 8 8 0 0


ZOMBI is a first-person survival horror which takes place in London during a zombie apocalypse, first released on the Wii U in 2012 before being ported onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One three years later. Players use a range of weapons such as cricket bats in melee combat, firearms, Molotov cocktails, and land mines, or engage in stealth tactics to avoid zombies. Players must also scavenge for useful items and ammunition. Should the player-character die, the player will then assume the role of another survivor, with the chance to reclaim the previous player-character’s inventory.

An ex-army soldier known as the Prepper, has been preparing for the zombie outbreak predicted by scientist John Dee, who called it the Black Prophecy. Working with a secret society known as the Ravens of Dee, and other survivors, the Prepper tries to find a way to cure London from this apocalypse.

ZOMBI received mixed to positive reviews with an average score of 74%, praised for its atmosphere, survival horror aspects, and creepy atmosphere, though criticized by some for its story and technical issues.

While the Platinum does require three full playthroughs, one of which on its hardest difficulty setting, this is fairly average in terms of both difficulty and time required. There are collectibles to find, and a number of kill-related trophies to get. All in all, a fairly average Platinum.

Expect around 22-26 hours for the Platinum.

The difficulty-related trophies do not stack, so you will need to play the game three times.

We recommend starting with Chicken mode, the easiest of the three, and focus on unlocking all the miscellaneous trophies. These include finding and hacking all 16 CCTV junction boxes for the CCTV Is Watching You trophy, getting a survivor score of 2000 points for the Unbreakable trophy, killing 200 zombies for the Pandemic trophy, and a few other miscellaneous ones. Be sure to check out the ZOMBI trophy guide links under our Links tab for more details.

During your first playthrough, you should also be unlocking a number of story-related trophies naturally. Hopefully, by the end of your Chicken mode run, you should have all the trophies unlocked with the exception of I Survived, Unstoppable, and the Platinum.

Next, it’s time to play on Standard mode. If you’ve gotten all the miscellaneous trophies before, then you can use this as a speed run and simply get through to the end.

Finally, it’s time for your Survival mode for the Unstoppable trophy. What makes this game tricky is that you will need to complete the whole game with one life, while the zombies also do more damage. One way to save a lot of hassle is to make a back-up save as you go, either by the external USB or saving to the PS+ Cloud, which you can then reload if you die. Use stealth when you can, and avoid fighting more than one enemy at a time.

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