PlayStation Plus Free Games November 2019

PlayStation Plus Free Games November 2019

Happy Halloween, everyone! And what better way to celebrate the festivities with a couple creepy games. And so, here is the line-up of PlayStation Plus Free Games November 2019 available for download on Tuesday, November 5.

First, there’s Nioh, the action title with RPG elements released two years ago. A mixture of historical context and dark fantasy, the game takes place during feudal Japan when Tokugawa Ieyasu attempts to unify the country. William Adams, a real-life English sailor who became one of the first Western samurai, is put on a special mission by Tokugawa to deal with the supernatural creatures known as Yokai that have been appearing.

Also, there’s Outlast 2, a first-person psychological horror survival game, released two years ago, and the direct sequel to the 2013 Outlast. Following a helicopter crash, journalist Blake Langermann is on a quest to find his missing wife. He encounters a village in the Arizona desert populated by a strange sect that believes the end of the world is soon at hand.

Both Nioh and Outlast 2 have Platinum trophies to unlock.

The Platinum for Nioh is of average difficulty and has no online trophies to worry about. However expect to put in about 70-80 hours of your time, as there’s a lot to do.

Obtaining the Platinum for Outlast 2 theoretically does not require much time, but can be quite difficult. Not only will you need to complete the game on Insane mode, but doing so without reloading the batteries in the camera and without dying, which can be very difficult for some trophy hunters.