Detroit Become Human Trophy Guide

Detroit Become Human Trophy Guide

Detroit: Become Human Trophy Guide. Difficulty: **  A third-person adventure set in a futuristic Detroit. The Platinum is quite easy to obtain, only requires a little time.

Game Name Difficulty Trophies Developer Country Bronze Silver Gold Online DLC
Detroit: Become Human ** 49 Quantic Dream France 40 5 3 0 0

Detroit: Become Human

Detroit: Become Human is a third-person adventure set in a futuristic Detroit City. Similar to the developer’s previous title Heavy Rain, players control multiple characters depending on the story’s scene, with the possibility of the character’s death while the story continues. Decisions and actions made by the player impact the story, resulting in various scenarios per scene, as well as numerous possible endings to the overall story.

Set in a future Detroit where androids have become common household and corporate products, Connor is a police investigator android in charge of hunting down androids that are deviating from their programmed behavior. Meanwhile, androids are beginning to develop artificial consciousness and wishing to free themselves from their bondage.

Detroit: Become Human received positive reviews with an average score of 79%, praised for its interesting characters, environment, and overall captivating story and gameplay, though criticized by some for its controls and black-and-white decisions.

The Platinum is not very difficult, as you can play the game on Casual mode. The only reason for the 2-star difficulty is that there is a bit of time required. At least one full playthrough is required, with a lot of replaying scenes. A scene select is available, so technically none of the trophies are missable.

Expect around 20-25 hours for the Platinum if you are following a walkthrough and don’t make too many mistakes.

If you’re in a rush for that Platinum, you may wish to follow one of the trophy walkthroughs under our Links tab. Keep in mind however, this will obviously spoil the story. Also note, that you can play the game on Casual mode throughout, which will make unlocking the Undefeated trophy easier to unlock.

For your first playthrough on your road to the Platinum, you’ll want to focus on getting the Survivors trophy, which means everyone must survive at the end of the game. You’ll also want to take a peaceful route with Markus, and become friends with Hank. Also, during this playthrough, avoid losing any quick-time events for the Undefeated trophy.

There are a few other miscellaneous trophies you can unlock during your first playthrough, so be sure to check out the Detroit Become Human trophy guide links under our Links tab to get familiar with these, and what scenes they become available to unlock.

Next, you can use the scene select to start getting the other required endings. By replaying the last few scenes, you can unlock the Confrontation, Liberation, Escape Death, and Mission Complete trophies quite quickly. Again, check out the Detroit Become Human trophy guide links for more details on these.

After that, it’s a matter of getting the darker endings where everyone dies, and making different decisions than in your previous playthrough. Here is where things get tricky, so we recommend checking out the walkthroughs under our Links tab for details.